Friday, 26 August 2011

3 in 30 Challenge - August 2011, week 4

Here's the update on my August goals:

Goal 1 - Personal
Aim to go for a short walk, maybe 10 minutes, every day regardless of the weather. 10 minutes isn't enough in the long term but I think it is a realistic starting target. I know this is going to be hard and I will make all sorts of excuses to avoid it but I am massively overweight and need to get started on some exercise. The only valid excuses for not doing this are if I have a migraine/illness or if I can't leave my partner (who has Motor Neurone Disease) but those days should be few and far between.
Week 1 update: Pretty much failed at this one. I've only managed one 15 minute walk this week.
Week 2 update: I started off well and managed two days doing a 15 - 20 minute walk each time but I didn't manage to keep it going - ill health, my partner and urgent problems needed my focus and time.
Week 3 update: I've abandoned the plan to go for a walk and am using the stairs as a means of exercise. I haven't specifically done this as an exercise but have definitely been up and down stairs much more frequently as I sort out each room in the house.
Week 4 update: I only managed one exercise session this week so although this goal hasn't been a complete failure it hasn't been a complete success either.

Goal 2 - Professional
Decide which non-principal instrumental exam to take next and make a start on the practice. Aim for 30 minutes practice on at least 3 days (for starters) each week.
Week 1 update: Have narrowed it down to either the flute or the clarinet but am starting to favour the flute. I still have to decide which grade to go for.
Week 2 update: This was going well until one of the pads came loose and I've had to put my flute in for repair.
Week 3 update: The flute is still away so I have been working on the aural tests, listening to different versions of 2 of the pieces and generally getting to know the music.
Week 4 update: I haven't decided which session to take the exam but I'm now committed and am working towards it so this goal can be counted as a success.

Goal 3 - Home
The big clean! The whole house needs doing but I feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of me even as I'm typing, so for starters I'll get the hoovering and dusting done and sort out the books and clothes to send off to the charity shop.
Week 1 update: This has been the most successful of my goals. Have sent one bag of clothes to the charity shop and have 3 bags of books ready to go. I changed my mind about doing the hoovering and dusting because the decluttering and tidying needs to happen first so I've made a list (I love lists!) of all the things that need to be done and am slowly working my way through it. So far today I have managed to tick 5 tasks as completed.
Week 2 update: As with last week, this has been the most successful goal. I'm still on the decluttering and have sent 9 bags of clothes, coat hangars and books to the charity shop. I'm trying the 'Just Do It' approach (I read this on someones blog but now can't find it to give credit - if it's you, please contact me and I'll edit this post) so I'm keeping things up together as I go along rather than letting things get out of hand. This is working well and is helping me to feel much more positive about things.
Week 3 update: This stage of the decluttering is pretty much done for now. I'm currently sorting and finding places for the stuff we plan to keep.
Week 4 update: There is still lots to do but I'm really pleased with what I've achieved this month so am counting this goal as a success.

Now to think of 3 new goals for September. 

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  1. Hi Eileen,

    You are doing great and I am wishing you the very best of luck for your 3 new goals in September.

    I haven't done so good with mine this month but that's another story!!!

    Have a good weekend.
    Take care

    Fiona @ Raindrops and Daisys

  2. Great progress! I've been walking this month too. :)

  3. I've just starting walking & de-cluttering so we've got 2 of the same goals! I'm only walking 10 minutes and day - baby steps. Eventually we'll get there, but you always have to start small. :) Keep up the good job!!