Friday, 12 August 2011

A Bad Week Gets Better

It hasn't been a good week!

I've felt under the weather and have found everything a struggle.  Ced missed an important hospital appointment because the patient transport failed to turn up.  Then I found a virus on my laptop and it was away with a friend for two days being fixed.  And to cap it all, my flute had to be sent away for repair and won't be back until next week at the earliest.

But today ...

... I met my my new great-niece for the first time and I had a lovely cuddle from her big sister.  Things can't get any better than that.  My nephew and his wife are happy for me to post photos of the girls on this blog but we have agreed to only use their family nicknames, so here they are ... Ragbag and her baby sister, Wriggle.

Ragbag and Ced



  1. Two beautiful children.

    The baby looks so peaceful.

    Glad that your week turned out ok
    and what better way to end it then meeting your new family member and her sister!


  2. gorgeous girls. sorry to hear you have been feeling rough and that your week has not been too good, surely next week will be better.
    best wishes,
    joy xx