Wednesday, 10 August 2011

All About ... Food

I saw this food meme over on Karen's blog - The Fruit of Her Hands and thought I'd join in.

What's the last thing you ate? Chicken pie, potatoes and peas.

What's your favourite cheese? Cheddar - it's the only cheese I like!  I don't have it very often or in large quantities as I am allergic to dairy products.

What's your favourite fish? It's difficult to only choose one - I'll say cod.

What's your favourite fruit? Again it's difficult to only choose one - bananas.

When, if ever, did you start liking olives?  Never.  Yuck.

When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish? I can't remember a time when I didn't like shellfish.

What was the best thing your parent/s used to make?  My mum was a brilliant cook so it is almost impossible to choose the best.  I loved her roast dinners, especially the gravy.  Also her bread pudding and her 'cut and come again' fruit cake.

What's the native speciality of your home town?  There isn't one.  It used to be the home of Ushers Brewery and of Bowyers (meat products).

What's your comfort food? Mashed potato.

What's your favourite type of chocolate?  I'm not supposed to eat milk chocolate (it's a trigger for the migraines) but I do from time to time, especially the white milk chocolate.  I can eat dark chocolate but it isn't really my favourite.

How do you like your steak?  I don't eat steak - I'm allergic to beef.

How do you like your burger?  I very rarely eat burgers as I have to have chicken burgers and I've never really found one that I like.

How do you like your eggs?  Soft boiled with toast soldiers.  Also fried, poached, scrambled, omelette and any other way you can cook eggs.

How do you like your potatoes? Mashed, roasted or baked in the jacket.  I really like potato however it is cooked.

How do you take your coffee? Black with sugar

How do you take your tea?  I don't!  Disgusting stuff.

What's your favourite mug?  I always use the mug I had for my last birthday or Christmas gift.  I'm currently using the one Julie gave me which has a fairy scene on it.

What's your cookie of choice? Digestives.

What's your ideal breakfast?  Wholemeal toast with marmalade. 

What's your ideal sandwich? Wholemeal bread, cold cooked chicken, shedded lettuce, salt and pepper.

What's your ideal pizza (topping and base)?  I'm not really that fond of pizza and the cheese isn't good for me, but I do have it occasionally.  I usually have thin base topped with cheese, mushroom, ham and onion.

What's your ideal pie (sweet or savoury)? Sweet is apple pie and savoury is chicken pie.

What's your ideal salad? Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, ham, cheese, hard boiled egg and jacket potato.

What food do you always like to have in the fridge? Eggs.

What food do you always like to have in the freezer? Minced lamb and chicken breasts/legs.

What food do you always like to have in the cupboard?  Pasta.

What spices can you not live without? Salt and pepper.

What sauces can you not live without? I don't have a particular favourite. I suppose, if I have to say something it will be a basic curry sauce.

Where do you buy most of your food? Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury.

How often do you go food shopping.  I shop online and have it delivered once a month and then buy fresh veg, bread, milk etc. as needed throughout the month.

What's the most you've spent on a single food item? I don't know.

What's the most expensive piece of kitchen equipment you own? The cooker. 

What's the last piece of equipment you bought for your kitchen?  Some oven gloves and a wooden spoon.

What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?  The potato peeler.

How many times a week/month do you cook from raw ingredients?  At least once a week but sometimes more often. 

What's the last thing you cooked from raw ingredients?  Chilli.

What's your favourite thing to make for yourself? Shepherds pie.

What meats have you eaten besides cow, pig, chicken and turkey?  Lamb, rabbit, duck, goose and venison.  Lamb is the only one I eat regularly but I have tried all the others in my list.

What's the last time you ate something that had fallen on the floor? I don't remember.

What's the last time you ate something you'd picked in the wild?  It would have been blackberries but I can't remember when.

Place the following cuisines in order of preference (greatest to least) - Italian, sushi, Chinese, French, Indian, Thai: Indian, Thai, Chinese, French, Italian, sushi.

Place the following flavours in order of preference (greatest to least) - garlic, ginger, basil, aniseed, lime: ginger, lime, aniseed, garlic, basil.

Place the following fruits in order of preference (greatest to least) - cherry, apple, orange, pineapple, watermelon: pineapple, cherry, orange, apple, watermelon.

Bread and spread: wholemeal bread, marmite.

What's your fast food restaurant of choice, and what do you usually order? My favourite is KFC but there isn't one in town.   I usually have a chicken kebab from one of the places in town.

What are three of the best dining-out experiences you've had?  I can't say that I particularly remember any meal for the actual food.  For me, it is always the company that makes the experience memorable.

Favourite cookbook/s? I don't have a favourite.  My latest purchase was the 'Hairy Biker's Family Cookbook - Mother Know's Best', bought because we really enjoyed the TV series.

Got any favourite food blogs? No.

What's the next thing you'll eat? evening meal - soup and sandwich, but I haven't actually decided yet.

Hungry, anyone? Post a link to your blog if you play along.


  1. Thanks for playing along. I enjoyed reading your answers. We have a lot of the same tastes. :)

  2. Hmm......... I love eggs too
    they are great and so versatile.

    Making me hungry now reading about all this food
    and me supposed to be trying to be good!