Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Project 365 - week 1

Project 365 - take one photo each day for one year. 

Easy, I thought.  I can do that.  Wrong!  I either keep forgetting to take a photograph and end up taking a panicky snap of anything, or I feel that the photo I've taken isn't suitable.  So I've been puzzling my little brain to decide what I think is suitable so that I can get started.  It finally dawned on me today that I've been thinking that I'd have to take a 'proper photograph' every day and I know that I don't have the time, or the equipment, to do that.  I've also had to admit to myself that I was also worried that this project would highlight just how uneventful my life is ... apart from the part-time working (when I wouldn't be allowed to photgraph the children I teach) I very rarely go out.  My partner is housebound so we never go out and never do anything - life is ruled by the TV with the occasional visitors! 

So having got that sorted in my mind I've reached a decision ... I'm going to take the daily photograph showing my day-to-day life and I'll make more of an effort to get out and about during the school holidays.  Hopefully as the year progresses I will learn more about my camera.  I used to own an Olympus OM1 and did my own developing but when I changed to digital photography I never really got to grips with the camera so things on the photography front have really gone downhill. The only way is up ....

Enough excuses, here's week one - starting on July 17th 2011 (using the photos taken before I worked out what I was doing!!)

Week 1
Photographs 1/365 to 7/365

1/365: Another rainy day!

2/365: Piles of music waiting to be sorted.  There are 11 piles like this ... time to get on and get it done.

3/365: A beautiful end of year present from the Campbell brothers.  Now I have the pressure of trying to keep it alive!

4/365: My sister and brother-in-law came round for the evening.  We had an Indian takeaway and a good natter.

5/365: Quick trip over to Bradford-on-Avon to take some pics for the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

6/365: Went to Melksham to collect some medical equipment for my partner.  Took a few photos in the car park.

7/365: The blue sky is trying to break through the clouds. Not very successfully - it rained later.

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