Monday, 30 April 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - April 2012

I've managed to get a photo for each entry on the list, although I've had to use my archive for three of them - I ran out of time!

Many thanks to Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. for organising the scavenger hunt.

This flower represents all that is amazing in the
natural world

can't live without
For me, after family and friends, the biggest thing in
my life is music. This photo is from my archive. 

taken from my archive, this is a signpost
near Calne in Wiltshire

In & out signs on a property. The far sign definitely
says 'out', it's just not in focus!!

Always good to have a reason to indulge myself -
bought this specially for the scavenger hunt!

multi coloured
Some of the handbells in one of my schools

on the move
Someone will be moving soon now that their house
is sold.

Part of the landscaping on the local
business park

Or in this case, two smiles.  This photo of two of
my great-nieces was taken at Christmas

Lots of springs found when clearing out Ced's workshop.

A jam pot - sorry it's not in focus.

A tangle of branches in a hedge.


  1. How great it smile! Also really like jam and spring x

  2. Great photos! I like the focus on the jam pot, I think it's a bit more interesting that only the top of the jar is in focus! I like your multicoloured photo too and what great smiles!

  3. Brillant photos I love your spring and on the move.
    Sarah x

  4. I never thought of that for spring! I love it that quite a few people have used the scavenger hunt as an excuse for a little indulgence :-) I've enjoyed these, thanks, Ellen x

  5. Great photos, especially 'sticky'.

  6. You had two wonderful smiles. Spring - well, you got us all beat on that one.

  7. Now that is dedication to the cause, buying a chocolate cake! I thought the spring and on the move one were really good ideas on the themes.
    Lisa x

  8. Great photos! Love the handbells and the smiles:)

  9. Haha, aren't we all funny buying things especially for the indulgence photo? I couldn't think of what to pick but was desperately trying not to go out and buy things for it so just picked my bed in the end.

    Love your spring photo!

  10. I love the jam pot one as well - very artistic.I love your take on the indulgence pic - I hope that the cake was nice!

  11. Lovely photos - love the sticky jam pot and those gorgeous smily children. Spring is a good one - I had these in mind too but didn't see any!!

  12. OOooh, are you a school music teacher too? Me too!!! We have those handbells but the ones that you can also hit on top!!! I should have thought to include my flute too- I couldn't live without it!!!
    The jam pot is sooo clever!!

  13. Great photos, I used to have those hand bell at the preschool so much fun. Love the flower.

  14. Very good, and so clever for the spring. Suzy x

  15. Love the photos especially the handbells and indulgence.

  16. Great photos Eileen I especially love amazing and the concept of the in and out, brilliant! I like the fact that the top of the jam jar is in focus it makes it more interesting!

  17. All beautiful photos but loved the smiles on the faces of your lovely nieces.

  18. Great pictures .. I got some of them this tome ... But not all!

    Sal xXx