Feeling Crafty!

Time to get started on some crafty stuff! 

I went into town today, just for some fresh veg and milk, but as I was walking past the fabric shop an invisible force dragged me inside  ... once I was there I thought it was only polite to buy something!

The yellow and pink spotty fabric remnants will be used to make pillowcase dresses for charity.  The wool is for me to learn to crochet and also to make little hats for the Innocent Smoothie's Big Knit 2012.  All three projects are part of my 52 things.

The sewing will be easy enough and although I'm not very good at knitting, I will be able to manage the little bobble hats.  The biggest challenge will be to learn how to crochet. I'm going to do a ripple blanket using this pattern.  I know that the sensible thing would be to start on something easy, but that's not me!  If I get really stuck the fabric shop runs loads of workshops and there is also a knitting/crochet club every Tuesday morning (which luckily is my day off!), and a sewing club every Tuesday evening so there is plenty of help on hand!

So, watch this space.... I'm starting with the red wool first.


  1. Lovely colours, look forward to seeing the result. Just ordered some new wool myself today as well. x

  2. Hi Eileen I often feel that invisible force especially where fabric shops and charity shops are concerned and it would be very rude to leave empty handed!!!
    Good luck with the crochet, I love the ripple blanket pattern over at Attic 24 and am on my second blanket using this pattern and it was my first project after learning the basics, I found once I had mastered the first row (it's imperative to get the right number of stitches) and I had the pattern in my head I was away!!!
    Take care xxx

  3. wow, Eileen, a knitting/crochet club tuesday mornings, is that in Trowbridge? I might have to join.
    I'm currently stashing fabric like there is no tomorrow, suddenly hooked on patchwork, I even had to avoid the market today so I didn't feel the urge!

    1. Yes, it's in Trowbridge. I'll pick up a leaflet for you next time I'm in town.

      Patchwork/quilting is on the agenda as well but I'm waiting for the long school holiday to do that.

  4. I simply can not walk by a wool shop. I knitted the hats for the Bug Knit last year, it's so nice to see a little pile of hats emerge and it's so exciting to see if you can spot one you've created on sale in Sainsburys! I'd love to learn to crochet (again) my mum did teach me once but the technique is forgotten...
    Good luck with it all.


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