26 Week Photo Challenge - Doors

Well here are my photos - nothing very special at all.  I had plenty of ideas of what I wanted to do but couldn't realise what was going on in my head!

The first photo is the most disappointing.  It's one of the doors for my doll's house (still waiting to be fitted!) and I was trying to get the feel of the door hanging in space.  The main problem was that, because the door isn't finished, it wouldn't stand up properly so I had to prop it on the edge of a table and the background isn't as I envisaged - I was aiming for a very monotone shot so I don't like the line cutting through the background or the darkness of the table.  The exposure is off as well!

The best/favourite photo was taken when I went to Imber and I've picked out some of the detail on the church door.
 The last photo is of one of my car doors.  Nothing very remarkable and a bit of a 'nothing' picture! I was aiming for 'abstract' with the different shapes.
Linking with Karen @ Me, My Camera, Eye. Many thanks to Karen for organising the challenge.


  1. Glad you explained the first one, I was fascinated trying to work out how you had done it. The idea you had sounds great, worth revisiting, how about hanging it from something so it is suspended in mid air?

    Like the detail in the stonework and the wood in the second one. Very weather beaten.

    Like the idea on the third as well, maybe a different crop would complete the abstract feel.

    Thank you for taking part. xx

  2. Lovely door subjects here. Like Karen i wondered about the first one too!

    I love the detail in the second photo and i would never have considered photographing a car door. Fabulous subjects Eileen

  3. I really like your first shot - it does look like it is hanging in the air. Very clever!!!!

  4. Loving all three, The first one because I want to see it when it is its final resting place, the second coz you know I have a thing for church doors and the last on is truly abstract well done xx


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