26 Week Photo Challenge - Half A Mile From Home

The challenge this time is to walk half a mile from your front door and take only five photographs.

I live bang smack in the middle of a housing estate so I knew that photos of beautiful views were completely out of the question and I would have to look carefully for points of interest.  I also chose to do my photos on 'bin day' (because it stopped raining and the sun was out!) so the roads were full of the grey and the green wheelie bins which validated the decision not to go for the big picture and to stick to small details. 

I'm busy adding to my stash of photos for my Project Life album, capturing images I see on a daily basis so I decided to add these five photos, detailing the start and end of my drive to work.  I decided on all of these images before I left home (rather than look for them when I got there) - they have all been cropped to improve the composition of the end result.

Photo no 1 is of some ivy poking its way through a fence on the crossroads.  The fence really is that colour, probably the reason that it always catches my eye as I drive out of the estate.

Photo no 2 is also seen on the drive out of the estate but just round the corner on the other side of the road. This garden is always a riot of colour and again always catches my eye as I drive past.

Photo no 3 represents the general appearance of most of the road - brick walls with overhanging greenery.

Photo no 4 is my favourite one and this view of the magnolia tree against the sky is one of the images I see on my drive back home.
Photo no 5 is on the crossroads, opposite the orange fence in photo no 1 and is another image I see on my drive home.
Linking with Karen @ Me, My Camera, Eye. Many thanks, Karen for organising the challenge - I really enjoyed this one.


  1. Thank you for taking part Eileen and I like the way you have used the challenge to work with another project.
    First,the colour of the fence is amazing in contrast to the green of the ivy. Like the diagonal angle of the ivy leading the eye through the photo.
    Second, love the colours of the tulips in this, I might have tried a lower anle, like the light in this.
    Third, nice detail in the brick work, focus looks alittle soft, like the light on the leaves.
    Fourth, really like this one, with the magnolia set against the sky (love magnolia's), nice exposure and dof.
    Fifth, very pretty, once again I like the contrast of the green against the red brick, nice use of dof. Don't see many red bricks down here!
    Thank you and hope you enjoyed it. xxxx

  2. Wow! They all have such great colours!!! I really like your attention to details in this series! I love the first one but my favorite is the magnolia tree, something about the pink of the flowers and the blue of the sky :)

  3. amazing photos Eileen - the colours are great. I've had to have another look to see which one i like the most as they are all fantastic. I like the dof and the contrasting colours. i'm torn between the tulips and the magnolia tree. I think it must be lovely to see such a burst of colour each day with the tulips and the magnolia against the sky is gorgeous x

  4. Lovely pictures Eileen, I really like the magnolia against the blue sky.

  5. Love the Ivy picture it is taken at a great angle. The colours of the tulips are stunning, I agree with Karen it may have been better if you got down lower (I am bad at doing this as I am convinced I won't be able to get back up!!) Love the magnolia and the clemetis (we have about 15 in our garden) Brill
    love and Hugs


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