Tuesday, 3 April 2012

7/52: Try Geocaching

I've been aware of geocaching (where participants use a GPS to seek hidden containers, called 'geocaches' or 'caches', anywhere in the world) for a few years now but until recently didn't have the technology needed to try this out.

Ced bought me a smart phone in December so no more excuses ... time to get started.  Yesterday I downloaded a free geocaching app, found info on loads of caches in this area, and spent most of the day trying to work out how to use the app.  Googled the problems, only to find it wasn't working properly and couldn't download another app so I printed the details of a few caches. 

Today, I collected my team - my niece Laura and her children, Tinkerbell and Tweenie and off we went.  We've had a lovely, fun filled morning. The kids were excited - the fact that non-geocachers are referred to as 'muggles' and you have to keep the caches secret from them - captured some of the magic of 'Harry Potter' for them.  They enjoyed every single minute of it.  We managed to find three caches in the time available.
Tinkerbell and Tweenie with our very first cache

closing the cache ready to replace it.

This is definitely a keeper.  We've already arranged to do it again in the summer holidays.

45 more things to do.


  1. Hi Eileen, looks like you all had a fab time! We had a go at geocache in our local country park last week as part of a Giants day the older two had a lovely time finding the clues!
    Sorry I've not been around much lately did you still need a pinterest invite? Hope you are well take care xxx

    1. Hi Tracy, I've managed to sort out Pinterest so I'm fine, thanks.