Tuesday, 29 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 29: Keeping Busy

I've been a busy bee so far today.  I had an early start to babysit Tinks and Tweenie until their mum finished work at 8:00am and then back home to tidy round a bit and then up to my sister's house to take the rest of the photos I needed for Greenthumb's scavenger hunt. While I was there I took some pics of the last bits of colour in her garden.

Then off to the bank to deposit all the coins I'd collected.  First the first time ever, every bag contained the correct amount and no counterfeit coins!  I'm going to use the money to replace the missing dining room door; not only will a replacement door make it easier to heat the space but it will also stop cooking smells spreading throughout the house.

Next, shopping in Sainsburys which took longer than I'd planned because I kept chatting to people I know!

Then back home for a coffee and Danish pastry before I get on with the main task for today - bulk cooking for the freezer.  I cooked chilli and bolognaise sauce yesterday and today I'm cooking lentil and vegetable soup, shepherd's pies, cauliflower cheese and chicken curries.  I always keep plenty of choice in the freezer but in the run up to Christmas it is a necessity if I want to eat well - every night from mid November until Dec 22nd I am either playing with the Trowbridge band, playing at school performances with my school bands or singing with one of the choirs I belong to and I simply won't have time to cook anything.  Hence the preparation!

If I have time later I will carry on scanning some of my mum's photographs of our childhood.  At some stage I also need to reprogramme the timer for the central heating but I don't quite understand how it works so my BIL may get a pathetic plea for help!

I'm off to meet up with Joy tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to.  We're meeting at the Lakeside Garden Centre at Crockerton near Warminster so fingers crossed that the weather stays dry so that I can get some photos of the lake.  I'm hoping to buy some pots if they are reasonably priced.  

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