Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Saturday 2nd November 2013

Outside my window ... it is a cold, windy day.

I am thinking ... about my long term plans, mainly to do with the social side of things and how to motivate myself to get out of the house and get involved in things.

I am thankful ... for computers and the internet.  They keep me connected.

In the kitchen ... there is freezer full of meals - I've had a busy few days cooking and stocking the freezer.  Later today I will be cooking a roast dinner for friends.

I am wearing ... blue skirt, white blouse and blue cardigan.

I am creating ... patchwork hexagons.  I don't know what the finished project will be but I needed something to do at the local sewing bee.

I am going ... to sort out my budget properly.  I've had the first lot of utility invoices now so have a more realistic idea of my actual usage and as to be expected, the estimated monthly payments are way too high even taking into account the extra costs of the heating during the colder months.  I'll be using the budget planner on Money Saving Expert and am fairly sure that I'll have more free cash to play around with. 

I am wondering ... whether to take on some extra work.  I've had a couple of enquiries from people wanting private lessons for their children.  I'm hesitating because I'm not ready to teach from home yet and I don't want to set the precedence of teaching in their own homes.  I know it will be difficult to change the arrangements at a later date even if I take on the work with the understanding that I'll eventually be moving the lessons to my home.

I am reading ... nothing, which is unusual for me.  I've just finished reading 'At Sea' by Laurie Graham.  I plan to reread all the Harry Potter books this month, but need to go and borrow them from Julie first!

I am hoping ... to complete the November Photo a Day organised by Fat Mum Slim.

I am looking forward to ... seeing the comedian, Ed Byrne next week. 

I am learning ... to play the piano again.  This took a back burner when I was caring for Ced but now I've started again.  I'm not really in a routine of practicing yet, I'm still trying to find the correct level of music to ensure a successful restart.  I'll get there though, as I've quickly realised how much, out of all the instruments I play, I have missed the piano. 

Around the house ... I can hear the radio - I'm listening to Classic FM with Alan Titchmarsh.  The clutter is gradually getting organised and I'm managing to keep the rooms I've already sorted in a clean and tidy state.  That's a first for me!

I am pondering ... the meaning of life and what happens afterwards.  Quite deep, but understandable considering my circumstances.

One of my favourite things ... lighting the candles and enjoying the peacefulness of 'just being'. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • Sunday: Scanning photos
  • Monday: Laura and the kids are coming round to make some Christmas cards
  • Tuesday: relaxing at home
  • Wednesday: teaching in the morning, then some photography if weather permits
  • Thursday: teaching in the afternoon
  • Friday: working in the afternoon, then off to see Ed Byrne with Laura in the evening
  • Saturday: band practice
A peek into my day ... I went shopping this morning to buy some meat for the freezer.  I hope to visit my sister later today and then, providing it doesn't rain, I plan to take some photos in the garden.  I've invited friends round for a meal tonight.

A favourite quote for today ...

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs on 'The Simple Woman's Daybook', thanks for sharing the information re your life and days. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love this sort of post .... just a snapshot of how you spent this time. I love the way you make lots of plans. I need to do something like that to get me motivated. x

  3. Great post eileen thanks for sharing snippets and thoughts of your days

  4. Love your post and love the quote.

  5. What a great idea- I love it and may have to join, Thanks for sharing:)