Monday, 4 November 2013

FMS Photo a Day 4: Table

Today has been spent at the dining room table.  It's been a busy, creative day with the children making 10 cards each to give to their friends at Christmas.  Their mum is a brilliant artist and both children seem to take after her, producing some imaginative work having had a go at stamping, origami, 3D layering and colouring.   They both, not too subtly, asked which was my favourite so I think I know which card I will be getting from each child next month!

Tomorrow is my last day off for half term and then back to work on Wednesday so I'll be going in to town tomorrow to pick up a few bits and bobs.  I can't believe this holiday has gone so quickly.  


  1. Love to see children crafting and look forward to seeing which ones they send you. xx

  2. I hope you had the chance to relax during the holiday! :)