Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gardening Update

Today I had lunch with my friend, Lyn, at the Lowden Garden Centre. Of course, that meant some more shopping for the garden as well as a yummy lunch - I had Thai chicken curry, a piece of rocky road (which was so big I couldn't finish it) and a hot chocolate.  Lyn had a jacket potato with tuna, a piece of rocky road (she ate all of hers ... just saying, Lyn!!!) and a glass of wine. 
Here's my new goodies:
  • Two large frost resistant terracotta pots.  The one on the left was £14.99 and the one on the right was £16.99
  • Five sets of ceramic feet to raise the pots - £1.99 per set.
  • Can't remember what the one on the left is called but Lyn said it will give structure to the garden!  That one was £9.99 - if anyone knows what it is I'd appreciate it.
  • A fern, 'Dryopteris Affinis Crispa'. Currently looking a bit sorry for itself but they are quite hardy and I'm sure it'll sort itself out.  That was £9.99 as well.
  • In front of the fern is a 'Leucothoe Zeblid', also £9.99.
  • On the right is a 'Jasminum Parkeri', which was reduced to £7.99.
That'll be it for buying plants this side of the winter.  I'm saving up now for the spring planting but am hoping to get some more pots for my birthday and Christmas presents.


  1. Hi Eileen, you got some fine things for your garden. It's difficult at this time of year to work in the garden, roll on the Spring :))
    Thanks for visiting my blog - in answer to your question. Yes I did so a little bit of driving, I was very nervous but once I got into the way of it I was fine. I have to admit Danny did most of the driving as I was quite happy to be the passenger, lol.

  2. Looking good Eileen, I can't think about gardening at the mo, even more so as we have a frost this morning brrrr.xx