Wednesday, 13 November 2013

FMS Photo a Day 13: Part of me

Part of me ... the people in these photos are part of me and have formed the person I am today.  My mum, holding the 3 year old me in her arms, and my two older brothers in the coloured photo. I couldn't find a photo of my dad, but I include him in this as well.  Always there beside me is my twin sister, it goes without question that she is part of me. And of course my younger self, I'm still in touch with my inner child to this day.
For those of you who are interested I am the one on the right of the coloured photo, sitting with the younger of my brothers. In the large B/W photo I am sitting to the right of my sister (so am on the left of the photo) and am the one in my mum's arms in the smaller B/W photo.


  1. These are great photos, I love looking back at my childhood photos, apart from the really awful hairdo's I seemed to have, let alone the lack of fashion sense!! : )

  2. Ah these are lovely pictures - I love looking at old pictures. You and your sister are so cute with your curly hair.

  3. Great photos, a trip down memory lane. x

  4. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog as a fellow Scavenger hunt follower- but really like the idea of the Photo a day challenge- I love the fact that your Family photos are Part of you- Indeed the comment about being a twin is the exact same thought I had when I had to think about 'part of me'- My twin sister is definitely part of me, part of who I am and what makes me -me! Glad I found someone who too, shares the same wavelength and understands what it's like to be one half of a whole:)

  5. Hi Eileen! Nice to meet you!
    To have brothers and sisters - that's great!
    OMG - You have a twin sister!
    Lovely pictures!
    I am glad that you are in the challenge - Lucky 7's in 2014!
    You're a Superb artist!
    I cann't wait for your new photos!