Friday, 6 June 2014

157/365: Spirea

This is the plant I bought from the bargain 'half-dead-plant' shelf at the garden centre and it is now looking much happier with life.  I'm not entirely convinced that I like it enough to keep it in my garden so I may have to donate it to my sister.  I won't make a hasty decision though, I'll see how it develops.


  1. If you decide to keep it (or even if you decide to give it away), when it finishes flowering cut it right back, i.e. cut all the flower heads off, and then it should flower again later in the year. Keep it smallish or it may get straggly.
    Joy x x

  2. Olá Eileen, acho essa planta e flor muito mimosa! Deve requerer cuidados especiais;))! Abraços e bom fim de semana. Ailime

  3. I actually think it's quite pretty