Saturday, 21 June 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 60

On sunny days I have a rainbow in my home, courtesy of the sunlight shining through the peephole in the front door.  It only lasts for a short time but always makes me think of my mum; we went to see her for the last time in the Chapel of Rest and when we were driving away, I was thinking 'please give me a sign that you are alright' and, as we turned the corner we saw the most perfect full arc double rainbow.  I've never seen such an intensely coloured rainbow before or since.  I know it is fanciful, but I saw it as a sign from my mum and since then I always seem to catch sight of a rainbow when I need her love.


  1. Nothing fanciful about that, I think it is lovely and would have the same thoughts. xx

  2. Oh Eileen, como entendo o seu pensamento!
    Saudades do amor da mãe que está lá em cima protegendo-a!
    Muito belo esse sinal em forma de arco iris!

  3. I think sometimes we get what we need! It's just her sign to you that things are all okay!