Monday, 16 June 2014

167/365: Honeysuckle?

My neighbour's plant, which grows over the fence, is now flowering and it looks like a variety of honeysuckle.  Does anyone know if that's correct, and if so, which variety please?  Whatever it is, I'm going to take a cutting before I cut it back.


  1. Eileen - those look like honeysuckle flowers and buds, but I've never seen one with big shiny leaves. The varieties in Colorado all have leaves more proportionately sized to the flowers and don't have the waxy sheen on the leaves. In conclusion, I'm no help at all !!

    1. Yes, it's the shiny leaves that are confusing me as well. Hoping someone will know more.

  2. I have several different varieties of honeysuckle and they all have slightly different types of leaf, although none of mine are shiny, but they certainly look like honeysuckle flowers.
    Joy x x

  3. It's the closest I have seen to the wild honeysuckle - old man's beard - Lonicera caprifoliaceae If you google Lonicera then make sure you have a cuppa next to you because there are thousands of pictures