Monday, 30 June 2014

Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt - June Update

So far I've managed to find 10 on the list.  These are:
  • A garden gnome (no 2)
  • Birds on a wire (no 3)
  • A group of tourists (no 4)
  • An urban street scene (no 6)
  • A rural landscape (no 7)
  • A tattoo on a person (no 8)
  • A bakery (no 9)
  • A horn (no 11)
  • A sign in a language other than English (no 16)
  • A lamp post (no 17)

Here are my new finds today:
No. 3 is birds on a wire.  As soon as I saw the list I'd marked this one down as the one I'd struggle to find.  There are no overhead wires on the estate where I live so I knew I 'd need to make the time to hunt this one down.  Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to finish work earlier then expected and managed to capture the first photo when I went back to the car park.  Today, I arrived too early at my afternoon school and was able to get the second shot while I was waiting to get started.


I've also taken some more for No 7, the rural landscape, all taken today in the Vale of Pewsey.

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  1. Great job on the birds on the wire; this one turns out to be harder to capture well than I thought it would be. And I love that horse on the hillside!

  2. Olá Eileen, lindos instantâneos dos pássaros nos fios!
    As paisagens são belíssimas!
    Abraços, Ailime

  3. love the chalk horse!

  4. I love your rural landscape. Such pretty country.

  5. Love your rural landscape - so calm and beautiful.

  6. Super bakery and tats. Well done on the birds on a wire too and the rural landscape is gorgeous. BJ