Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Starting the Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photography Scavenger Hunt
The list was published on June 1st and we have until September 23rd to find photos for all the prompts on the list.  I made a start today - can't say I'm too impressed with my first attempts and I will keep looking for better subjects, but it is a start!
No. 11 is 'a horn' ... singular, so thinking about it now, I don't think this image is right. In the true spirit of the scavenger hunt I visited the Hope Nature Centre at Southwick for the very first time.  I actually arrived too late for entry but the very kind man on the gate let me in for free and pointed me in the direction of the goats. It's only three miles from home but, although I've heard lots about it from Little Miss C and Little Miss H who are regular visitors to the place, I've never bothered to go.  I'll go back in the near future, just to do some more photos of the various animals.  Anyway, here's the photo - a goat's horns; the goat wouldn't cooperate and refused to lift its head! 
No 16. is 'a sign in a language other than English'.  I thought this was going to fairly easy as there is a large Polish community in Trowbridge and there are plenty of dual language signs about.  Or so I thought - I could only find a few and the majority had been defaced so this advert on the window of one of the Polish stores was the best so far.  I'll probably find a better sign when I go to Bath.
No. 17 is 'Lamp Post'.  These are the best I can find in Trowbridge and again, I'm sure I can improve on these when I go to Bath.

Happy to have made a start, and hoping to find a couple more tomorrow when I go to Calne.


  1. The scavenger hunt sounds intriguing. I am still fairly new to the world of blogging or certainly linking up with fellow bloggers so it all sounds rather fun. I am off to start your blog from the beginning!

    1. Anyone can join in with the scavenger hunt, Aril. It's only just started so why not give it a go?

  2. Eileen - what a fun project. I loved scavenger hunts when we were kids. This is such a good exercise to keep you attuned to every detail of your surroundings! Look forward to your finds. We don't have goats with those long horns here in the states!

  3. Excellent start! I love the scavenger hunt too. If you are worried because it says A Horn then put an arrow on the picture explaining that you chose that particular horn but it comes as a buy one get one free offer so there are two in the picture.

  4. These are all great! I like seeing different non-English languages popping up.
    Thanks for joining the hunt!

  5. Fun photos! and your 'horn' pic makes me smile!