Thursday, 26 June 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 65

Today, the brass players asked me if I could play the trumpet part in Jason Derulo's 'Trumpets'.  I don't really follow pop music so didn't know what they were talking about.  This shocked them and it's their reaction that made me laugh, and still makes me laugh each time I think of it.  Really, you needed to be there but the conversation went along the lines of ...
8yr old boy: "Can you play the trumpet part in 'Trumpets'?"
Me:  "I don't know that song, so no" 
8 yr old boy: " It goes like this" .... and all four of them sing it to me, although it sounds like four different tunes as they start at different times!
Me: "No I don't know it"
They sing it again  ... and again ... and again, getting more and more shocked that I don't recognise it.
Me:  "What is it called and who sings it?  I'll search for it when I get home and listen to it." 
All four answer at once:
10yr old girl: "you need to use an app called YouTube ..."
8yr old boy: "it goes like this .... [sings it again]"
10 yr old boy: " it's by Jason Derulo"
9yr old girl: "you need YouTube ..."
This is the bit that made me laugh, the thought that I didn't know what YouTube is! I'm obviously very old in their eyes.
Anyway, I've found the sheet music for it and they should all be able to play it, so hopefully I have redeemed myself!


  1. lol, you will be the coolest music teacher in town when you see them next :) x

  2. Ha Ha; we are dinosaurs in the eyes of our techie youth. At least you didn't think they were talking about a "you tuba".