Thursday, 16 June 2016

Decluttering and Organising | The Next Stage

I've had my rest from decluttering and organising and now am feeling up to the challenge of the next stage.

I took some books over to the National Trust at Avebury Manor for them to use in their fundraising pop-up book sales.  There were about 300 books in all, only about 100 were mine and the rest were Ced's - this was the first big clear out of any of his prized possessions and, as to be expected, it was an emotional experience for me.  I know it was the right decision but I still had a few tears about letting them go ....... I'm okay now though and can already see and feel the benefits.

The plumber is here today, sorting out the three toilets (none of them flush properly) and the immersion heater.  I just have to arrange for the central heating control to be changed and then that side of things is all finished. The new front door, soffits and fascias will be done some time w/c 14th July, and then I have to decide what to do next.  I'm still sorting out quotes for the patio and hard landscaping and working out how I can save costs on the garden side of things ..... I'm no longer using the landscaper I'd originally planned to use as I couldn't get a firm quote from him and it was getting more and more expensive. This work was supposed to be completed in August but I don't know how likely that is now.

Meanwhile, I'm carrying on with searching out all the stuff which can be donated to charity, and this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I probably have another two or three weeks effort to get to the end of this stage but it will mean that over half the stuff in the two spare bedrooms will then be gone.

It looks like an horrendous task doesn't it, but it's not as bad as it looks.  The bottom two pictures are the smallest bedroom and is already sorted (even if it doesn't look like it is!) - mostly things to sell, a few bits to keep, plus all the remainder of Julie's stuff for her to sort out.  The first two photos are of the bigger of the two bedrooms and is the room I'm currently focusing on - you can see why it is going to take me another two or three weeks!  My aim, as well as the sorting, is to also clear the wall at the end of the room (seen in the first photo) so that I can have some more Ikea bookcases built in.  Once they're installed, it'll be easier to organise the things I want to keep.

Progress report to follow!


  1. A lot of work, but the end product will look so nice when things are decluttered and properly stored on bookcases, etc.


  2. You are doing amazingly! Especially parting with treasured possessions of Ced's. That must be very hard to do. Keep going and look forward to the end results! It is nearly there!!

  3. That is a lot of clutter to be cleared.
    Donating to charity is a good idea.