Wednesday, 1 June 2016

2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt | The List

Rinda at Gallo Organico has just published the list for this year.  The hunt is on!

1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occuring heart (like the rock above, but it doesn't have to be a rock)
2. A footprint or pawprint
3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray
4. A book or magazine read during 2016
5. A porch or deck
6. A camper (caravan)
7. A family gathering
8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you.
9. Someone playing with, in, or around water.
10. A bicycle
11. Fresh produce
12. A window
13. The moon
14. A buffet of food
15. A team logo
16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period
17. Twins
18. A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries 
19. A seasonal cocktail or beverage
20. Someone laughing
21. A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the Hunt. Note: you may not use a substitute for this item.

Alternatives - if you're having trouble finding any of the above, you may substitute from this list (but you may not substitute for item #21):

alternative 1: a lighthouse
alternative 2: a baby (human or animal)

My initial reaction on reading the list is that is it a lot more challenging than previous years, but .... I love a challenge!

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  1. Woohoo! Thanks for sharing! Honestly, I have felt that the list for the last few years has been too easy, so I wanted this to be a bit more challenging (but still do-able). We shall see. Welcome to the Hunt!