Monday, 6 June 2016

Memorandum Monday

On Saturday I visited Job Mills for the first time.  This is a private garden which was open to the public as part of the National Gardens Scheme to raise money for charity.  I learnt a little of the history of the place; originally a mill owned by the Longleat Estate, now converted into a house and previously lived in by the late Lord and Lady Bath (the parents of the current Lord Bath).  It's no longer owned by the Thynne family.  

You can see from the photo that it's a beautiful place. I went with friends and we had a dreamy afternoon wandering around the garden and then just sitting near the river enjoying the the peace and quiet.  I hope they open again next year as I'd love to go back.

Another first this weekend was seeing the comedian, Gary Delaney.  I didn't know what to expect as I hadn't ever seen him before but I'm pleased to say it was a pleasant evening.  His act is all one-liners, most of which made me smile and there were a few laugh out loud ones.  

Earlier in the week I learnt something new about Shakespeare and how his plays would have sounded in the original English accent of his time. With our modern pronunciation it seems that we miss a lot of the puns that the original playgoers would have heard.  

That's all I have to tell you so I'll send you all a big wave and wishes for a happy and healthy week.

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  1. what a beautiful house and garden, glad to hear you had an enjoyable comedian evening - have a good week

  2. Eileen that picture is lovely and the reflection is so perfect. You were lucky to get a snap with no one in it if the garden was open to the public. I must look out for that one being open next year. I remember meeting The late Lord and Lady Bath at Longleat at a private drinks party with my parents. They were so much normal that the present incumbent!

  3. Such a beautiful place Job Mills is! I like all the green plants and grass there; something you rarely see in the desert :)


  4. Oh my that does look quite beautiful & your photo is fantastic. Sad we miss so much of the original intention in Shakespeare's work, but I would have to admit, I already find it tough going ...

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful.

    You have a good week too

  6. What a beautiful place to visit. The reflection really adds something special to the photo. I was interested in how Shakespeare would have sounded at that time, language is so fascinating and what a shame we miss some of the puns.

  7. Would that have been a waterwheel, half-right on the photo?
    Thank you for the link - really enjoyed that little documentary. (Though not entirely convinced that it is usual these days to intone quite so portentously even when not using OP!)

  8. That looks like a really interesting and beautiful place to visit. Glad you enjoyed your comedy evening!