Saturday, 30 July 2016

Decluttering Progress

It's been a busy day on the decluttering front. 

It couldn't be put off any longer so Julie came over this morning and we started on the Garage Clearance Stage 1.  I've been dreading it, but in the end it wasn't too bad. We filled both cars and took a load of rubbish to the skip, some of it was Julie's and some of it was mine; broken treadmill, tons of unwanted cardboard, tatty bookcase, dismantled merchants chest and some general waste.  Then we sorted through what was left in the end of the garage nearest the up and over door and photographed everything, ready to advertise online. That's my job next week - to try to sell some things via Gumtree, and also to approach one of the local reclamation yards to see if they are interested in a few of the things.  

That leaves the middle of the garage to be sorted (stage 2) and then the far end (stage 3) which is where all the gardening stuff will live - that really just needs tidying. 

We then moved the furniture out of the kitchen/diner as the new flooring is going to be laid next week. The workmen moved the big freezer out to the garage for me, and Julie and I moved the dining suite and an oak bookcase into the living room, so that room is now empty. The furniture will stay in the living room until the room has been decorated, which will hopefully be late next week or early the following week. 

The workmen were here to fit the new bookcases in the second bedroom.

I just have to arrange for the pine strip in the centre of the first photo to be painted white and then they are finished.  I'll probably change the handles at some stage, but they will do for now.  And the carpet has to be cut to fit, but it'll probably stay as it is for now until I know how much the garden landscaping is going to cost; once I know that I can decide whether to get new carpets or not - the one in this room is in particularly bad condition. 

I'm too tired to do much now, so moving the stuff back into the room will have to wait until tomorrow. Later, I'm going over to Julie's home to have my hair cut and share a takeaway, most likely a Chinese, so it'll be an evening catching up on all the gossip.


  1. Sounds like lots of hard work you did, probably burned off lots of calories!


  2. Those bookcases fit so beautifully. What a lovely job.

  3. What a busy bee you are! I love the white bookcases. It is all looking good.

  4. Wow you really are coming on with all your sorting and redecorating. :) x