Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Decluttering Update

Work is continuing on the second bedroom.  It's gone from this ....

..... to this ......

The desk has to stay in the room as there is nowhere else to put it, so for now I'll just have to work around it.  It will be replaced when funds allow - it's been dismantled and reassembled so many times over the years that is too wobbly to work on properly, so it's days are numbered! The computer chair and the remains of the merchant chest will be taken to the skip when I have time.

Everything that was in this room has been sorted and decisions made.  Two car loads went to the skip, 20 boxes donated to charity, 300+ books donated to the National Trust, and the remainder has been boxed and moved into the smallest bedroom where it'll stay until I get this room ready.

It looks horrendous doesn't it, but it really isn't that bad.  About one-third of this will be kept and used, and will go in the new cupboards which I've ordered for the other bedroom.  The rest of it is to be sold and I'll make a start on that when I get back from London, and I'm sure there are still things in here which can just be thrown away or sent to the charity shop.  I'm allowing myself one year to get all this sorted and, at the end of the year, will assess what's left if I don't manage to get it all done. I feel very positive about dealing with all this now but I think it is important to have an end date in mind, and anyway, the money I make is going to be used to revamp the living room so it's in my interest to get on and get it done!


  1. BRAVO - you have really made great strides in your resolve. I have things I have taken out of the sideboard in the dining room & boxed. If in a year's time I have not opened that box, off it will go to charity. At least that is my resolve today (col). Hope you enjoy London.

  2. Wow you did great with the first room! It is good to set the time limit like you did, otherwise it is so convenient to let it go and then find yourself two or three years down the road still with it cluttered like that. A year's goal is definitely doable!


  3. Good night Eileen, thank you for the votes by Portugal's victory in Europe Cup))!! It's admirable the work you're doing and I'm sure that in the end your home will look great. Over the years we've accumulated so many things, that after we do not lack. Usually doo clothing, but books have them kept in two divisions away from home (garage and storeroom in the attic;))! But next winter I'll perhaps also make donation to the library of the club or of any local school. I'm going away for some time. See you soon, Hugs.

    1. I wanted say: your home will go beautiful".

  4. I think that you are doing amazingly!!! Your newest room will be lovely when it is done I am sure and then you can sort the final room and voila you can sit back and enjoy all of your hard work. Keep going!

  5. That's an impressive clear-out. It always takes longer than you think, doesn't it?