Monday, 11 July 2016

Memorandum Monday

Waving to Sian and all the Mondayers on this lovely sunny Monday morning. I was out of action for most of last week, laid low by a severe migraine, but I was back to normal by Friday which luckily gave me some 'new' and first times' to tell you about.

On the way to my Friday morning school I drove for the first time along a new road which locals have been waiting patiently to be opened for almost a year.  It makes it easier to get to a friend's house so I'll be using it regularly.

At the Friday morning school the year 3 class have been composing their own class recorder tune. They've done really well and have ended up with a three part tune with the recorders playing the melody and two accompanying percussion parts. They performed it for the first time this week; it was lovely to see the concentration on their faces, so excited about doing it and justifiably proud of themselves.

By the afternoon I was flagging, still feeling the effects of the migraine, so I was pleased to hear that my afternoon school was doing a dress rehearsal of their end of year musical, which meant no music lessons.  I was invited to stay and watch, which I did, and had a thoroughly good time.  I usually get to see all these primary school musicals in one school or another but this was the first time I've ever seen a production of 'What a Knight'. I love the primary school performances, seeing all the children singing their hearts out, and there's always one or two really good little actors.

My final thing is both something 'new' and 'first' - starting my new diary.  I always use an academic diary which runs from July to June and I've just made my first entries in my new 2016/2017 diary. The old one will be filed away after tomorrow (my last day of teaching) - the end of another year and one that's seen major changes in my life. It's a year that has ended with me feeling much happier than when it started.

I hope you all have a good week and that the sun keeps peeping through the clouds.


  1. hope your migraine is fully gone now. I also enjoy seeing school productions for the enthusiasm and energy and sheer joy they get from being part of a performance, have a good week

  2. Good news that your year ended better than it started - quietly 3 cheers. Yes hoping that migraine stays far far away for the rest of the summer. You were brave to stay for the musical because of the migraine, but what a way to touch your heart. Youth's enthusiasm can sometimes be a cure (col).

  3. Sounds like it is sunnier over your way than ours. I used to love those primary school productions.

  4. A new diary - that sounds wonderful, as I love beginnings.

  5. Migraines are never fun; hope its a long time before you get another one. That is neat how you keep the diaries; good to look back and then plan ahead!


  6. A quiet but very heartfelt three cheers from me too. To end the year in a happier frame of mind has taken brave thinking and choices I know and I do admire the way you have gone about it. Bravo. Migraines are can feel so washed out the next day. I hope you are feeling a lot better now and are fit to enjoy the rest of the week

  7. Oh dear, I hope the next migraine is a looooooooooooooong way off. I have been terribly headachy too - a new one every afternoon. Can't seem to get past it - maybe it's the weather? So love to see kids performing, and wish we as a society capitalised on it more.