Saturday, 16 July 2016

5 in 5 | Horses

Better late than never, here's my selection of photos for Sandie's 5 in 5.  A friend has car problems and needed a lift to where she stables her horse, so I had a lovely time pottering about with my camera this afternoon while she did what she had to do!


  1. Super duper! I like the top and penultimate best.
    Actually drove past here back in April, but I think the chalk horse may have been weeded since!

    1. This is the White Horse at Westbury. It was concreted over some years ago (which was a shame) and was actually repainted recently.

  2. What beautiful photos Eileen. I love seeing White Horses in Wilshire, they are so spectacular and we drove round looking some out last year while in the area. It was kind of you to give your friend a lift, and you made good use of your time while she was busy. Thank you for joining in and sharing these photos. They bought back happy memories.

  3. What a lovely place to give a friend a lift to. I have great memories of visiting Westbury white horse as a child and sitting on the eye. Great horses too

  4. They look like an interesting group!