The Outside

Work has started on the outside of the house today - a new front door, soffits and fascias. There was a bit of a last minute panic that they wouldn't be able to start work because a required permit (for the scaffolding to be on the pavement) hadn't been applied for but I'm assuming that they managed to sort it as the scaffolding is going up as I write this.  It's very noisy and not the calm start to the day that I was hoping for! 

They're installing the new front door today which is just as well as the IKEA van will be arriving tomorrow afternoon with my new bookcases, so the delivery men will be able to have access to the house without delaying any work in progress.  I'll be without a visible house number for a few days as I forgot to arrange for the new number to be fixed up - I'm not having a number on the actual door this time, I've chosen a slate/metal plate to go on the wall to the side of the door.  That will be my next job.

My second job is to knock the garden into shape.  With one thing and another I have left it to it's own devices this year and I need to get out and do some serious clearing of weeds.  Yesterday I sprayed the unwanted growth on the front garden with a mixture of white vinegar, epsom salts and washing up liquid, which I'm reliably informed (by YouTube!) will kill it all off - watch this space for the results on that one! 

The other biggie outside is to replace the decking with a stone patio.  You wouldn't believe how hard it has been to find someone to do the work.  They either don't answer their phones, or fail to turn up to quote, or won't give a firm price but I think I've found someone now and am just waiting for a mutually agreeable date when he can start work.  


  1. Wow, a very busy day at your house!! I hope that it all goes really well and that you are very pleased with the results - I am sure you will be! Let us know how the homemade weedkiller goes, I would be interested in that as I need to do something about the weeds on our drive and don't really want to use chemical weedkiller.

  2. Wow: forging ahead, then! I think I need you to come and do some organising round here too

  3. Looks like a lot of work for them! It will be nice with the finished project. I know what you mean about trying to get people to come and do work; I ran into that a lot with our projects here, especially when it came to do yard work. You would think if people advertised their business, they would be interested in any work that came their way.


  4. Yeah for the outside work being started. We use white vinegar to kill weeds all the time, with great success.

  5. Good luck with all the outside work. You are tremendously industrious it seems to me.

  6. Oh, my goodness! I had no idea you had so much work done to your house - outside as well as inside!

    1. Yes, I had lots of work done but now shouldn't have any major expenses for quite a few years. Before I had the work done I was firefighting and paying out a lot of money for one-off repairs and in the end the sensible thing was to get it all done and finished.


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