Friday, 1 July 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful in June

It's time to look back through June to remember the highlights and the little things that brightened the month.
  • the highlight of the month has to be seeing Elton John live at Longleat. Brilliant!
  • making significant progress on the sorting and decluttering and actually starting to feel the benefits of the all the hard work.  I'm enjoying the extra space, love that I know where most of my music stuff is now, and just feeling so much 'lighter'.   
  • I've found the time to play the piano regularly - a good stress buster and an activity I can completely lose myself in.
  • some quality time spent with friends - simply chatting and laughing.
  • getting back into reading and losing myself in a book again.  Reading was becoming a chore, a must do because of the books group reads, but I gave myself a good talking to and have made the effort to read my own choices as well. 
  • a fun filled games morning at band, having the time to chat to the children instead of teaching them.  It's good to see the friendships developing.
  • finding that the Thomas Cook vouchers I won years ago are still valid and using them to book a theatre break in London in July.
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