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During the last two years there has been a lot of ideas/decisions about the direction of my life when Ced is no longer with me.  Some discussions with him, but a lot of 'imagining in my head' type thinking.  One of the decisions I'd reached was that I'd want to move, not for financial reasons, more emotional, as I knew it would be difficult to move my life on if I remained living in Ced's home - it was originally Ced's home and I sold mine to move in with him.
Now that I'm in that situation, my brother-in-law suggested that I sell the house and move in with him and my sister, to put myself in a position where I am a cash buyer and therefore have more scope for negotiation.  So on Monday I arranged for the estate agent to come to value the house and to advise on whether it was better to complete the outstanding work (i.e. replacement kitchen, bathroom and fitted wardrobes in master bedroom) or sell as seen.  His advice was to sell as seen so we agreed a price and he put it on the market.
Today, one day later, he asked to do a viewing for a young couple (first time buyers) with two small children who want to move to this part of town to be in the school catchment area.  One hour after the viewing he phoned to tell me that they loved the house and were prepared to pay the full asking price!  Awesome service!

So now I have to get my act together.  There is still machinery in the garage which has to be sold/sent to auction before the move. I also have to arrange storage for the majority of my things and then the dreaded business of packing up the house.

I'm hoping to buy a new build which is due for completion in December (but realistically Jan/Feb next year) and now that my house is sold subject to contract, I'll be able to negotiate a price and reserve the one I want.  The location is ideal and there are three different designs which will suit my needs/wants but I'm hoping to get the one-off 3 bedroom house with garage. 

Fingers crossed for me, please.


  1. Oh, Eileen that is such good news, I'm so pleased for you. Fingers and toes all crossed, email me?
    Joy xx

  2. Have to agree with Joy, fantastic news and I too have everything crossed. xx

  3. Hello Eileen,

    I am so pleased to read the news that you have sold your house and that you will be moving to a place you like in the near future

    I hope you are ok. Please look after yourself.,take things slowly and at your pace.


  4. Hi eileen I'm just catching up on my blog reading and it's lovely to hear from you, Sounds like things are moving quickly and you will be busy for the next couple of months x


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