Thursday, 21 March 2013

Getting sorted - part 2

Well today has been a bit easier.

I collected the deeds of the house from the repository, popped in to see the estate agent to thank him for a brilliant service and called in at Ced's bank to make an appointment to close his bank account.  I also called in at the undertakers to pass him some more cheques - I decided on a donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association at the funeral and some people have since sent cheques to me at home.  I'm still waiting to know the total amount donated.
The lift company phoned to say they were interested in buying the wheelchair lift.  It was a very low price but the chances of selling it anywhere else are slim so I accepted their offer and it will be removed in about two weeks time.  I decided it was better to get some money for it rather than have to scrap it at some time in the future - it was always going to be a difficult thing to sell and at least it will now be removed before I move out. Once less worry!
Ced's son has arranged to come and collect the things left to him in Ced's will so by this time next week all the air rifles, air pistols and the big heavy gun cabinet will be gone.  Another worry sorted and the house will look a lot less cluttered!
I phoned a local auction house to arrange for someone to come and value the items which need to go to auction.  Depending on the values given, this should sort out over half of the things I want to sell.  So a big relief that I've made a start on it!
Colin came over tonight to photograph the rise and recline chairs so that I can get them sold probably via eBay.  He's arranged to come back at the weekend to photograph the rest of the stuff I want to sell.  So another worry put to rest!
I'm off to see my niece tomorrow.  She lives in Wales and I haven't had the opportunity to see her new house as I couldn't travel when I was looking after Ced.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her.  She has MS and couldn't get to the funeral so we'll be having a good natter over cups of coffee tomorrow.  Plus lots of cuddles from Boo and Boy, and Bean when he gets home from school.  I can't wait!


  1. Enjoy your trip to Wales and time with the little ones xx

  2. Have a lovely time in Wales xx

  3. Have a lovely time in Wales and relax. I feel exhausted just reading your post!!! xx