Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Getting sorted ...

It has been a very busy, but productive, day. 

If I stay with my sister I will need to put the contents of the house in storage so I've been phoning around for quotations for the removal and storage costs.  The other major headaches are the need to empty the garage of machinery and tools and to sell the wheelchair step lift. Anything else can just be stored and sorted at a later date but the garage and lift will need to be completed before the moving date. Success on both.  One of Ced's friends is coming on Monday to start sorting out what's there and my nephew is taking what he wants over the weekend.  Depending on what the friend says, the rest can then go to auction and the auction house will arrange clearance.  I also found details of a company that specialises in second-hand wheelchair lifts and made contact.  I'm waiting for them to phone back to confirm that they are interested in purchasing the lift.  Fingers crossed, but if I can't sell before the move I'll just have to store it for now.
Laura, my niece, is doing the conveyancing for me so we spent the afternoon completing forms and looking for the guarantees and certificates required for the sellers.  We managed to find everything so she's now gone home to draft the contract and start the selling process.  All very exciting!
The energy efficiency guy turned up to assess the house and he has awarded a good rating.  At the same time the telephone engineer turned up to sort out the phone and internet.  I'd arranged to change to a different, much cheaper, supplier before I'd made the decision to sell the house - I've since explained the situation to them and they've agreed that I can have a payment holiday to cover the time I'll be living at my sister so I went ahead with the change.  I'll be sending details of my new email address to all my emails contacts later in the week.
With Laura's help, I managed to sort out and label some of the boxes in the conservatory, where a lot of our stuff was stored to make room for the medical equipment for Ced.  Another friend is coming to help tomorrow and he has offered to sell whatever I want to sell on eBay, doing all the work for me. I'm under strict instructions not to throw anything away until he's seen it - it may look like rubbish to me but according to him it is all 'desirable' and will sell quite easily! I'm not complaining as all help is very much appreciated.
I've nearly finished for the day.  I just have to print the photos Lauren needs for her art GCSE and then cook the supper.  Julie and Lauren are coming to eat with me .... and to collect the photos as she needs them tomorrow.
Hope you've all had a good day.


  1. Well it has certainly been a very busy day! Hope everything goes smoothly with the storage/move! Good Luck :) x

  2. You've done remarkably well in such a short space of time Eileen, dont overdo things, Joy xx

  3. Wow Eileen you have been very busy and it sounds as if you are well organised. Good luck with it all!
    Remember though to look after yourself.
    Take care and sending you lots of hugs. :)

  4. My that is a very productive day, amazing what you have got done, but have to echo the above, don't overdo things - give yourself time and space as well!!!! xxxx