December's Simple Things

I did reasonably well on my list for November:
  • Go to see a film in the new cinema in Trowbridge done
  • Get back to playing the piano regularly - I haven't played it in over a year failed!
  • Make some Christmas cards with Tinks and Tweenie done
  • Try out a new recipe or two done
  • Reread the Harry Potter books I've started reading them but haven't finished the full set.

My list for December is:
  • Finish reading the Harry Potter books
  • Get out of the house on days I'm not working - go for walks and explore along the canal bank
  • Invite friends round for a meal
  • Visit the Christmas Market in Bath
  • Treat myself to some fresh flowers


  1. I think you did very well with your November list and sure you will manage your December list. xx

  2. That's an impressive list- I'm sure you'll do well for December too!

  3. I pinched your idea of the 'list' last month. It really works, doesn't it. Good luck for December. You must get to Bath Christmas Market. We went a few years ago. It is really pretty!

  4. Bom dia Eileen, uma imagem linda de Natal! E adorei a sua lista de coisas para fazer e já efectuadas! Um bom exemplo para colocar em prática! O tempo é precioso. Excelente Dezembro. Beijinhos e obrigada. Ailime


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