Weigh In Wednesday [1]

I haven't actually weighed myself yet.  Quite late last night I realised that a major flaw in my plans was the complete lack of a set of scales!  

So ....

..... all I can report on this week in terms of actual weight is that my first target is to lose 1 stone.

I'm planning to start using the 5/2 diet on Saturday.  The final hospital appointments are on Friday and although it is unlikely I'll have the results by then, the tests will have been completed so it'll be a good time to start making changes to my eating habits.  Between now and Saturday I'll be shopping and bulk cooking to refill the freezer. I still have to decide on suitable meals for the two fasting days so any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Alongside the eating changes I have already started exercising, doing daily walks.  I've anticipated how my enthusiasm for this will wane once the really cold weather hits us by treating myself to a second hand Wii console with the Wii Fit program and balance board. I know that this won't be enough in itself but it will give me a fun way of exercising in the comfort of my own home and I know that I won't go out if it is too cold and particularly when it is icy.  I'm going with the view that any exercise (i.e. the Wii) is better than no exercise at all. Today's task is to set it all up.  I doubt that I'll have time to look at the fitness program as the purchase also included a Star Wars game complete with Wii lightsaber, which has to be tested first!  This is according to my friend's children who have the afternoon off school and are coming to tea!!

So not much to report but I have made a start.  I'm off out now for a short walk around the marina, approx. 1.5 miles.

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  1. So you're not testing the lightsaber yourself, then?
    Joy xx

    1. Well ... I might have to show them how it's done!!!

  2. Oh did laugh when I read about the scales :) good for you keep it up, xxx


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