Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I'm Following a Tree | October 2015

Better late than never, here's my October photos of the tree I've been following all year.  These photos were taken last week.

The tree is moving into the next phase of its cycle ...

it has dispersed some of its seeds ...
although there are still some male catkins that are in the early stages of seed development ...

The leaves are changing colour ...
... and there are plenty that are ready to fall.  The grass below the tree is covered in fallen leaves.

Here's the monthly look at the bark - still as beautiful as ever ...

 And finally, a look up through the canopy ...

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  1. I enjoy following your tree posts Eileen. There is an autumnal feel but like my own trees yours is still very green.

  2. It must feel like a meditation, slowing down and taking in every detail of how the tree is behaving

  3. It is a great project to follow a single piece of nature for a year isn't it. xx

  4. Like Sian says, what a meditation. I imagine the tree begins to feel like an old friend!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my recipe!


  5. Definitely can tell fall is in the air!


  6. Hello Eileeen, beautiful photos and I loved the explanation about the evolution of the tree to the new cycle. Almost in tune yesterday left a post about the fall of leaves in my blog echoes and reflections. Hugs and good week. Ailime

  7. I did a year of taking photos of the whole garden (which includes several trees). I never thought of making the tree the focus of the shots - something I will have to try and do.