Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... is feeling pleased with myself for completing all the outstanding paperwork this morning.  I actually have no right to feel so pleased with myself because it should have been done ages ago, and if I had done it back when it should have been done, it wouldn't have been preying on my mind all this time.  But it's all done now and I am feeling pleased with myself ... so there!
It's been a mostly stay at home sort of weekend.  Saturday I popped round to see Julie, who was out, but I stayed and had a long chat with her daughter No 3.  The rest of the day was spent at home sorting through some more books and things to donate to charity, and then an evening curled up on the sofa reading.
Sunday was supposed to be a day out with a friend but she was poorly and cancelled, so Sunday too was spent at home, this time catching up on TV programmes I'd missed - Unforgotten, River and From Darkness.  I'm a bit annoyed with myself for spending so much time watching the TV because it stopped me getting on with other things I wanted to do, and so much time in front of the TV left me feeling a bit brain dead! 
I didn't sleep particularly well so I'm surprised that I managed to not only wake early today, but to have the energy to tackle all the paperwork.  After I've done this post I'm sorting out my plans for the rest of the week - no teaching as it's still half term - and then tonight a friend's husband is coming round to look at my laptop to see if he can resolve some of the problems I have with other blogs, so fingers and everything else crossed pleased.  I don't plan to overdo things this week; I've already arranged lunch with a friend and book group tomorrow, and I'm off to see Mary Poppins with Julie on Sunday, so I just need to sort out a couple of other social things so that I'm not spending too much time on my own.
Sorry about the dodgy photo at the start of this post - the camera battery is charging so I couldn't do another when I realised it wasn't in focus.  Hope you all have a good week.
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  1. It is always a good feeling to get paperwork out of the way. Seems like it was a quiet weekend; ours was a bit busy so I feel now back to the work week like I need a day or two off :)


  2. Mary Poppins the Musical? We saw it in London many years ago and it was amazing. We're still talking about.

    Fingers crossed you get your laptop sorted out. Mine is on its last legs here. If I disappear you'll know why..

    Have a good week Eilleen

  3. So many forms, so much paperwork - they keep telling us that "we" are moving to a paperless society. Well I doubt it will be anything soon. Nice to cross that task off the list of done. Like you, sleep is not my strongest skill at the moment & I feel like a wreck. I just may resort to a sleeping tablet. Hope you have a great week & I'll see you Wednesday in Pairs.

  4. Hope that you have a good week! Well done on the paperwork, I know what you mean in all aspects! xx

  5. And I was thinking how absolutely stunning the photo was! Glad you got your work done, and there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself every now and then on the telly watching front. Have a restful week x

  6. You will really enjoy Mary Poppins. I was tempted to go again when I saw it was coming again. Hope your friend can help with your blog issues. Have a relaxing week.

  7. I could sense your achievement re the paperwork lol.. Hope you have a good week and glad you are not going to overdo it. X

  8. We saw Mary Poppins a few years ago...great show! xx

  9. Congrats on getting that paperwork done and out of the way! I hope your friend's husband was able to figure out what the problem has been with your laptop and reading blogs. I think that photo is great - it has a moodiness to it. Hope you've been enjoying your week off and the sleeping has improved - I can totally relate to the not sleeping great.


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