Today has been all about the front garden, visits to the garden centres, cold winds and steaming mugs of hot coffee! And supervising! 

B, my newly found gardener, has been absolutely brilliant. He's advised on suitable plants, chosen healthy specimens and has done the planting and relaying of gravel. I ordered one plant online which hasn't arrived yet and there's still a few more of the ones I bought today to be planted and the trellis to be fixed on the wall, so I won't do the before and after photos in this post ... you'll have to wait.

I'm indoors now, warming up and I've only been outside to see the results of his labours and to help with the clearing up ... he must be frozen! I still have to move some of the furniture in the living room to make space for the gas man to remove a gas pipe tomorrow morning but once I've done that I can settle down for the evening. I want to watch 'The Big Painting Challenge' on BBC1 and then finish reading my book ... see if my guess on 'who done it' is correct!


  1. Definitely sounds like progress. I don't expect he felt the cold so much if he was busy working... I'm not suggesting you weren't working too mind!

    1. Supervising and drinking mugs of coffee is hard work. Honest!

  2. Definitely looking forward to before & after garden photos.


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