Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

On Monday afternoons I visit Little Miss C to teach her to play the recorder. I took my camera with me yesterday in the hope that I'd find some photos for the hunt and, once I'd explained what it was all about, she hunted around and found a good selection for me. 

No 5 | fur or feather, here's a photo of Henry, one of their cats. 

No. 9 | diamond, here's Little Miss C modelling her mum's engagement ring.

No 15 | hands, a selection of poses by Little Miss C and Little Miss H.  These cost me a fortune as I had to pay them a modelling fee - they are saving up to buy two hamsters and all the cages and food!

No 19 | bird feeder, found in their neighbour's garden


  1. Good captures! I have a few more to post this week, and am trying to figure out how to get the final few!

  2. Wonderful - you certainly had some willing partners to help. Henry is very handsome & what a gorgeous engagement ring.

  3. The engagement ring is identical to mine (which is currently safely stowed away in my jewellery box, as one of the diamonds is loose and I don't want to lose it). I hope to get on with the last few items I need to complete this year's hunt, do you have a linky? x x x
    p.s. will be in touch soon to fix a meet-up

  4. That's so sweet that the girls gave you a hand with the scavenger photos. Too bad we don't live close as I'm getting rid of two hamster cages that my kids have no need of anymore. I hope your friends realize their goal soon.

  5. Good little spurt ahead and great results. Like the top two hand ones.
    I think I have just three more to get, but keep forgetting!

  6. There are some amazing bird feeders around and they are won of those items that I always find myself looking at in Garden Centres. Maybe I have magpie tendencies and am attracted by all the shiny metal. I do like the hands too.


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