Thursday, 23 February 2017

Take Three Thursday

Hurray!  A new photo meme, this one organised by Mary-Lou over at Patio Postcards, where we are asked to take three photos with a common theme.

My selection is also for the WPSH - No 3. | key showing three different items which are all called keys - piano keys, keys on a ring and clarinet trill keys.

A big thank you to Mary-Lou for organising this.


  1. Thank you Eileen for joining in. I like your three keys plus I learnt something new; clarinet trill keys. Gosh I like blogging friends!

  2. Ah now you're just showing off! Very clever. :o) You;ve got me thinking of other kinds of key I could have used for the hunt - and maybe I just will!

  3. Brilliant idea, and super sharp photos!

  4. What a fun meme, and I love your photos :)

  5. I like your interpretation. Wonderful photos!!