Friday, 11 July 2014

Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt [5]

I went to Bath today and was lucky enough to take plenty of photos for the scavenger hunt.  

Warning .... this is a photo heavy post!

On the way to Bath I took this photo for No. 1 - a sign welcoming people to your home town.
As to be expected, Bath was a good choice of venue to get photos for No. 4 - a group of tourists.  Here's today's selection (the red and yellow thing in the corner of the third image is the guard rail on the open-topped bus):

No. 5 is a rack of post cards.  I managed to find these at two different locations today:

No 12 is a mascot.  This has been the most difficult one to find so far but today I was fortunate that a Bentley and a Mercedes were parked outside the Abbey and the chauffeurs allowed me to take these photos of the car bonnet mascots.

I found another offering for No 16, which is a sign in a language other than English:

I'm not sure if the following photos can count for No. 18 - a water fall.  These are shots of Pulteney Weir and may be the closest I can find for this prompt.

No. 19 is a public garden and these photos are of the Abbey Garden in Bath,

And finally (I can hear you sigh with relief!), No 20 is a bus with a picture painted on its sides

I also took loads more photos of lamp posts but I'll save them for another post.

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  1. I love that Trowbridge has such lovely welcoming signs, and Bath was definitely a great place to go for the hunt. Lovely pics. x x

  2. That's definitely a water fall! And one of the most lovely public gardens and welcome signs I've seen this summer.
    The tourists all make me laugh. So glad I included that item.

  3. I love Bath! The Abbey Gardens are looking beautiful just now (even if the streets are heaving with daytrippers!). Such a fab city. Your weir pics are really nice and I also love the Merc emblem with the reflection. BTW someone else found the same bakery you did - recognised it immediately!

  4. Great finds; you've got some here I'm worried about finding! Absolutely gorgeous gardens!

  5. Oh my goodness your photos are stunning. Great work on finding these items. I'd love to borrow one of your tourist shots as I haven't been able to complete that prompt yet!

  6. You've been working hard. Love how welcoming Trowbridge is.

  7. I love Bath too! My son went to university there, so we had many a great visit! Thanks for remindng me what a great place it is:)

  8. Never too many photos in my opinion...they do afterall speak a thousand words and that's a good thing!
    We visited Bath for just a few hours last June on a wonderful tour of the UK...
    happy to see a bit more through your camera lens. It is such a nice place.
    Your Mercedes emblem reflection photo is WOW!!!
    oxo from Virginia USA

  9. I love the reflection in the Mercedes photograph! I love seeing photographs from England, my daughter lives in Little Hampton.

  10. Brilliant finds - funny what prompts prove problematic - it's different for each of us!

  11. Wow! You got some great photos. I believe I visited Bath in the early 80's on a school tour. What a beautiful place. Thank you.

  12. Bath is never short of tourists, no matter what the time of year! Great shots. I was in Trowbridge a couple of months ago to give my niece a send off before she went to Australia for a year. Small world.

  13. Wow great photos of my home town Bath. I am finding the welcome sign and a bus with pictures on it very difficult here now living in France. They do not seem to go in for that sort of thing! Diane

  14. Love your mascot photo with the reflection of the abbey on the bonnet.

  15. Wow, Bath looks as busy as ever this year! That's a great collection of pictures

  16. love the Bath bus!!

  17. So many fantastic photos! I love that your welcome sign is a flower box. And I am so jealous of your bus photo! I don't know if I will be able to get that one.

  18. Great photos I love Bath. Happy Hunting.