Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Thursday 17th July 2014

Outside my window ... there is bright sunshine.  It's going to be a very hot day and there has been a weather warning about taking care in the heat.
I am thinking ... what I have to do to convert the study into a music room.  The previous owners had built a big cupboard in the corner of the room to house a washing machine and tumble drier.  I need to remove this cupboard and replace the two machine with a combined washer/dryer which will be housed in the kitchen where the dishwasher (I never use) is currently located.  I trying to arrange for one of my nephews to disconnect the machines so that I can take delivery of the washer/dryer.  Then it is a simple case of decorating the room and moving the piano and other instruments in!
I am thankful ... family and friends.  I always seem to say that, but its true.  Not only for their help and support but also for the laughter!
In the kitchen ... I'm trying out new recipes.  This week I am trying a new tofu recipe (I'm never sure if I like tofu, so we'll see!), a new lentil dhal recipe and a new pasta bake recipe. 
I am wearing ... clothes that are now too big for me but I'm enjoying the feeling for a while!  I need to buy some more clothes in a smaller size but am waiting to see how much weight I lose over the summer holidays before I go shopping.
I am creating ... a mess!  Creating the music room means that there are piles of books and things in the living room until I find a new place for them.  Some of it will go back into the music room, some is to be sold and probably some will go to the charity shop.
I am going ... to finish my lesson planning for next term.  I will be teaching much younger children so need to develop some age appropriate teaching aids for them.
I am wondering ... when to retire!  I will be in receipt of my Civil Service Pension in 2015 so need to decide whether to give up working then, to reduce the number of schools or to carry on as I am now for the time being.  I have a year to decide what to do. 
I am reading ... 'The Chemistry of Tears' by Peter Carey which is the monthly read for the new book club I am going to.
I am hoping ...  that I am not heading for any more health issues.  After 30+ year of high blood pressure I now seem to have very low blood pressure.  I have to go for blood tests, reduce my current medication and return to the doctor in six weeks.  I started fainting which is why I went in the first place but I'm half hoping that it was a one-off rogue reading and that things will be back to normal when I see the doctor again.
I am looking forward to ... playing with the band on Saturday.  We are taking the children busking in the town centre ... weather permitting!
I am learning ... to rebuild laptops.  I am practicing on the one that Ced used and if that goes well I will do my own.  They are both running really slowly so I want to get that sorted, link the two computers and also sort out a better back up system. 
Around the house ... I'm decluttering.  Still! I am hoping to sell some of the unwanted items at a couple of car boot sales during the summer break.
I am pondering ... all sorts of things but the biggie is whether I am truly happy with the direction my life is taking.  The jury is out on that one ... I'm generally feeling content with things but I spend too much time alone, and if I do retire will be spending even more time on my own.  The question I am trying to answer is ... am I really unhappy with this situation or am I worrying unnecessarily based on other people's perception of how I should be living my life.
One of my favourite things ... sitting out on the decking as the light fades, just relaxing.
A few plans for the rest of the week ...
  • Friday - lesson planning
  • Saturday - busking with the band
  • Sunday - catching up with family
  • Monday - finish lesson planning
  • Tuesday - project: music room
  • Wednesday - project: music room
A peek into my day ... I'm still at Julie's house looking after their pets but they will be home in a couple of hours.  So I'll catch up on how their graduation ceremony went and then back home for a potter in the garden.  Plus fit in a photo session if I have enough time!
A favourite quote for today ...
"Every morning we are born again.  What we do today is what matters most"- Buddha


  1. Olá Eileen, se puder continue com seu trabalho! Estou arrependida de me ter reformado antecipadamente!
    Como viaja e tem em seu redor tantas coisas lindas poderá continuar!
    Sobre a sua saúde, será necessário decerto ajustar a medicação!
    Vamos em frente!
    Abraço, Ailime

  2. I adore that quote!

    I too have been looking at the direction of my life. I struggle with what I truly want and what I think my life should be.

  3. Do you long for company when you are alone for longer than 15 minutes? do you make reasons to go to the shops or the garden centre or to family just to be with people or are you happy to lollop along doing your own thing and taking company as a bonus when it arrives. I think the first thing to do is to stop thinking about it because no amount of thinking will change anything. wait and see. Who knows what is around the next corner or behind the next tree. You have come a long way in a short time and now you should just be consolidating what you have and where you are and let the future wait until you get there. The world won't come to an end if you don't make a decision for a year.