Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well ... here are my photos for this month.  I found this list difficult and it shows in the quality of the photos, but on the plus side I have managed to get all twelve!

Many thanks to Greenthumb for organising this.
B is for ... balloons
10:00am, (well, about 10:20ish), arriving home after a trip to the shops
Spoon - a slotted spoon, reflected on to a chopping board
Puppet - belonging to Lauren (see her hand!)
You again - meet Dash, Lauren's family dog.  He's never sure where I fit into his 'pack'!
Water - the ford at Lacock, Wiltshire
Habitat - a spider's web, not a particularly good one so maybe it was having a bad day!

Soccer - photographed from the laptop screen - soccer doesn't really feature in my world! 
Calm - reward stickers for my pupils

Man made - a man made flower garden at one of my schools, made by the pupils using recycled materials
Open - an opened tin of baked beans

Steam - the steam option on my microwave


  1. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I think your photos are great and I really like spoon, you again,water. Greenthumb.

  2. The balloons photo is great - such gorgeous colours. Also the man made garden too - a great idea :)

  3. Lacock is a beautiful place isn't it and I love the garden flowers.
    Great photos. Gillx

  4. The balloon photo is amazing and I really like the slotted spoon photo, too.

  5. It doesn't show that you found it difficult - these are great! Favourites are the balloons, man made, spoon and habitat. x

  6. I like the balloons and the flower garden! A good collection. I find it hard every month, but I always get there in the end! I keep saying I'm going to stop doing this but I keep on going, hehe!

  7. Some fab shots. I love Lacock too!

  8. Your photo's are great, footie doesn't feature in my world either...can't wait till it's over. Love the 10am shot.

  9. You have some great photos here, Eileen! The photo of Dash is wonderful! Water is lovely, and the reflections in the balloons are really cool! Open had me laughing ~ I've certainly been there! Take care!

  10. The water and habitat pictures are really good. Your steam made me smile!

  11. Eileen - they are all terrific!! I especially like the slotted spoon and the flower garden. Great recycled art!

  12. Are you a music teacher too? I'm a primary music teacher! These are super shots!!!! I really like the clever spoon shot and your dog is really cute!!! The flower garden is beautiful! X

    1. I'm a peripatetic brass and woodwind teacher; I currently work in eight different schools and with the local youth brass band on Saturday mornings.

  13. I found this month's hard too, but I must say you've done a much better job than me!
    They're all really good but I absolutely love the balloons.