Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 2

Continuing on from yesterday's post ...

... the fourth event I went to was a Celtic Music night.  This was organised by a new meetup group I've joined - 'The Wonderful Women of Wiltshire & Somerset' - and was held in a pub in Frome, about 9 miles away. After the ordeal of getting there (I know the way to Frome but needed to use the satnav to find the location of the pub.  However, I haven't updated the satnav's maps for ages and it kept sending me down roads that are now blocked off!  I sorted myself out eventually, after lots of 3-point turns in narrow lanes) I arrived at the pub about 15 minutes later that the agreed meeting time.  Again there was the anxiety of going into a pub on my own but I walked in, only to find that the others weren't there. So now there was added anxiety as I had to deal with sitting in a pub on my own waiting for the others to arrive - definitely outside of my comfort zone!  Half an hour later, I'm still on my own and I'm debating whether to call it a night and leave, when a man approached and asked if I was with the meetup group - well, yes I was but I was with a ladies only group.  It turns out he was invited to the event by the organiser and was an honorary lady for the night! 
At least I wasn't on my own and he was very easy to talk to.  I'd seen him at the curry night but hadn't actually spoken to him at that event.  The organiser turned up a few minutes later and she was also lovely to talk to.  It turned out to be just the three of us as the others had cancelled for various reasons but we hit it off, had lots in common and plenty to talk about.  We exchanged phone numbers, discussed a couple of events we'd like to do before Christmas (which are now on the meetup site and others are adding their names to the lists) and just chatted all evening.  Unfortunately from my point of view, we didn't listen to the music which was a shame so I'll be going back in the future to enjoy the music as the focus of the evening.
Last night was the fifth event - a comedy night at the Swan Hotel in Bradford on Avon (about 3 miles from home).  This time I went with my friend Julie and when we arrived all the decent seats were taken so we had to sit in the front row - yes, you guessed it - we ended up being targeted by some of the comedians.  At one stage, one of the comedian sat next to Julie and serenaded her with a very funny, and very politically incorrect, love song.  I had a quick chat with the man I'd met at the Celtic music night as he was sat next to us in the front row and, like us, was also picked on by the acts on stage.  It was a good evening and we'll be going again, but from a meetup point of view it wasn't an ideal event for getting to meet new people - just a few quick hellos between acts but no real time to chat and make introductions.
So, that brings me up to date with the meetups I've been going to.  I have some more planned - a couple of book groups, a comedy walk in Bath, two curry nights, a trip to see the comedian David Mitchell and a ladies only lunch in Bradford on Avon.  I'll let you know how I get on.
Tomorrow I'll be back to tell you about the events I went to as part of the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival.

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  1. It sounds a positive and safe way to meet new like minded friends Eileen. I suspect everyone feels apprehensive when they first start.