Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 4

Today, I'm catching up with all the music related events I've been to recently.

Back in the summer we had a day trip down to Bournemouth to see Stomp, we being my friend Julie, one of her daughters and myself.  This was one of Julie's choices and, although I've always liked them when I've seen them on TV, I probably wouldn't have thought of going to see them myself.  I'm happy to report that the show was everything they claimed - it was fantastic and I'd love to see them again one day.
Julie's second choice was to see the musical 'Barnum' starring Brian Conley as part of her birthday celebrations (which have lasted for the entire month!).  This was in Bristol and last Saturday the two of us went to the afternoon performance.  I originally saw this show years ago when Michael Crawford played the lead role so I know the story and am very familiar with the music as I have played it on various occasions during the last few years.  The production was excellent and Conley was brilliant as PT Barnum. A great way to spend an afternoon!
Last Sunday I went with my friend Suzy to a ladies four part harmony singing workshop.  This was a free event in Bristol and as we both love to sing, we toddled along to take part.  It turned out to be a workshop organised by a Bristol ladies singing group and their aim was to gain some new members, but the best part was that the singing was ladies barbershop!  I love barbershop singing and so does Suzy, so we were in our element. Suzy joined the ladies singing the bass part and I was with the ones singing the highest notes, known as tenors in barbershop speak.  It was a good, fun afternoon but sadly, they are too far away for me to join.  It did make me realise how much I miss choral singing so I'm now looking for a local choir to join.

One of the events in the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival was a performance by The Cleverly Brothers.  I didn't recognise the name of the act but a quick glance of the promotion photograph told me who they were - I've known them for years and have lost count of the number of different names they've had.  They perform extremely funny, very politically incorrect songs and their act is just one big laugh from start to finish.  I'm glad I went, I had a brilliant time.

That's about it really, apart from the teaching.  I mentioned the Celtic music night where we completely ignored the music!  Apart from that my only other musical activity is the brass band on a Saturday morning - we've started practicing the Christmas music already!!  Sorry to mention the 'C' word ...

Back tomorrow with the final part of my update.
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