Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 14: Tuesday Ten

Apparently, the second week of October is National Pet Peeves Week so the Tuesday Ten team have asked us to list our personal top ten pet peeves.
I thought this was going to be quite hard but once I got started, the list came together very easily!
  1. People who write in library books - if they want to write in their own books that's fine, but writing in a library book drives me nuts, especially when the annotation is incorrect.
  2. Lateness - I know there are often valid reasons for being late but I have a couple of friends who are habitually late and then never apologise or phone to let me know they will be late.  I just think it shows a lack of respect.
  3. Tattoos - No offence intended to anyone who has a tattoo, but I just don't think they look good.  I hope the current trend for tattoos comes to an end soon.
  4. Inconsiderate parking - why do some people find it so difficult to park in the centre of the parking space.  It's so frustrating when the last empty space in the car park can't be used because a driver has parked across two spaces.
  5. Poor service - it's when the person serving me in a shop leaves me in the middle of the transaction to help out another shop assistant who has a problem.  Why can't they just say they'll help as soon as they've finished serving me, not leave me standing there like a dummy but unable to leave because I'm still waiting for my change. 
  6. People who answer their phone in the middle of a conversation - it's just so rude.  I have one friend who, as a single mum, sometimes needs to be contacted by her children and I can understand that, but (particularly with teenagers and twenty somethings) too often there are constant interruptions and pauses in the flow of a conversation while they ignore me to deal with whoever is on the other end of the phone. 
  7. Black and white photography - well not B/W photography itself, but people who look at my photos and then say 'what a shame it's not in colour'!!!!  I love B/W photography but rarely share my efforts with others for this reason.  I stick to colour photography for this blog and for showing to family and friends.
  8. Litter - it's when you see litter left by the side of a bin - how much effort would it have taken to dispose of the litter properly.
  9. People who talk during the show or the film - if they want to talk, why did they buy tickets for the theatre or the cinema?  It's that lack of consideration for others.
  10. People who don't have their money ready to pay at the checkout -  they know they have to pay so why not be ready.  They never seem to be embarrassed about keeping other people waiting whilst they rummage in their bags to find their purse.
I could go on, but it is a link up to the Tuesday Ten so I'll stop now!
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  1. Good list! I was afraid of offending people, too, but had tattoos on my list. I hope that trend ends very soon as well!

  2. I adore black and white photography. It's hard to imagine that somebody would be so rude as to say that it's a shame a photo isn't in color! But then again, people answer their phones mid-conversation, don't have their money ready at checkout, and park like jerks, so I guess it shouldn't be so surprising to me...

  3. Poor service is a great example! This is what people are PAID to do, you would think they would understand what it meant because it's in the job title.

  4. I'm the worst in the world for being late. It's totally just part of who I am. No matter how good my intentions are of being early or on time, it just doesn't happen!!!

    People who don't have their money ready drive me crazy too. One of my biggest pet peeves though is when someone buys a lottery ticket and decides to scratch it off while standing in line to see if they won.

  5. My list would be almost identical to yours :-)

  6. I don't read paper books too much anymore but I used to hate getting a library book that smelled like cigarette smoke. #6 drives me crazy too. I partly understand (around here) - military spouses are deployed and you want to answer when they pick up. But it's weird that you're having a conversation with someone wearing a bluetooth and all of a sudden they say, "Hello? Hello?" while you're in mid conversation. I think B&W photography is beautiful.

  7. lol oh reading this has made my day, sat here nodding saying "oh yes" just like Churchill. I love B & W and you shouldn't stop putting it up if you like it, think you would be surprised at how many do actually prefer B&W.xx

  8. Oh yes! People who are consistently late - big pet peeve of mine. Forgot to put that on my list, but should have. So glad you brought it up. :)

  9. Love the list, and had to laugh as I read..... British? I am....

    Writing in library books, you should have your card taken away from you! As for the lateness, I want to scream when people do that consistently. So rude, and I have a couple of family and friends that do that. You are not that important! PS, I have a white tattoo, it is personal and all mine and I am not offended :)

    1. Yes, I'm British.

      Thanks for all the comments everyone x

  10. People are constantly missing the hamper and the trash can at my house. It drives me bonkers!