Saturday, 11 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 11: This Week ...

Just a brief overview of the week ...

Sunday 5th October

I was supposed to be going to a car boot sale with Julie to sell lots of my unwanted goodies, but I was unwell through the night (diverticulitis pains) and as a result, spent the entire day in bed.

Monday 6th October

A nice easy start to the working week with a much needed lie in.  My Monday morning school took all of the KS2 children on a trip so I had the morning off.  I'd hoped to do some work in the garden but it was pouring down for most of the day, so nothing got done. 
In the afternoon I visited my other Monday school - not a particularly pleasant time as the kids were manic following a day of confinement in the classrooms with no opportunity to play outside.  It was more like an exercise in crowd control than a session of teaching so I was glad when it was over!
I shopped for food essentials on the way home and spent the evening alternating between blogging, reading (Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman) and watching the TV (New Tricks on BBC, then a new series on ITV, Grantchester, which I watched on iplayer as it was screened at the same time as New Tricks).

Tuesday 7th October

No teaching scheduled for this morning which was just as well because I woke up with a cold.  There was no sign of it the previous night but I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose.  This was how I justified not doing any housework, which was what I should have been doing.  Instead, I pampered myself with hot drinks and snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket to carry on with my book.
In the afternoon I dragged myself to my Tuesday school for four classes of recorders, feeling under the weather but at least I didn't have a headache!  Finished by three o'clock and home within fifteen minutes, I gave in and switched the heating on for a while. 
I spent the evening catching up on paperwork, sorting through a box in the never ending decluttering project and carried on reading my book.

Wednesday 8th October
Another wet start to the day- autumn is definitely here.  Just an hours teaching first thing and then the day was my own.  I'd planned to go shopping for winter shoes and boots but I got wet getting to the school so abandoned the idea - I decided to leave it until half term when I should have more time.
I spent the afternoon pottering about at home. I finished up some paperwork, started a vegetable soup in the slow cooker and cleaned the bathrooms. 
In the evening I went to the book group meeting to review 'The Light Between Oceans' by M.L. Stedman.  I enjoyed this book, but didn't love it and that was the opinion shared by the whole group and we all thought it would make a good film.  Our next read will be 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' by Rebecca Skloot - not my usual choice, but we'll see!

Thursday 9th October

I woke with a bad headache today; It's probably tiredness as much as the effects of the cold, so I had an easy morning at home just pottering about and tidying the kitchen.  Made a list of possible items for the winter photo scavenger hunt I'm planning with Joy and had a bit of a think about Christmas presents - time to be organised and do some shopping!

The afternoon passed really quickly, teaching a lovely group of kids in my Thursday school.  I always feel really welcome at this school, the children are always well behaved and they all practice!!!

In the evening I went to the BoA Photography Group.  I'm not really a 'club' sort of person, but this isn't run like all the other camera clubs I've investigated. It is more a monthly meeting of people who share the same interest and it gives the members an opportunity to show off a few of their photos (based on the monthly theme).  There's no fee, no competitions and it's held in a pub! They are not the best organised bunch of people I've met (as in the fact that the person with the laptop loaded with the photos for the evening failed to turn up so there was nothing to discuss!) but they were good fun and I can see myself fitting in, so will definitely be going again.

Friday 10th October 

I was teaching all day until 4:30pm.  I look forward to my Friday afternoon school as I run a school band there and it is a pleasant way to finish the working week - it's my treat to myself!  We are currently working on 'La Bamba' and 'The Banana Boat Song' to stretch their playing range and introduce new rhythms, and as I expected, they have more than risen to the challenge.
I spent the evening at home - I was too tired to think about going out, so spent the evening watching the TV and reading.  The new series of 'Lewis' was on and I finished reading 'Rage Against the Dying', then off to bed for an earlyish night.  Oh, and a couple of phone calls to Julie to plan our next outings - a curry next week and possibly a ghost walk on Halloween if we can get tickets.

Saturday 11th October 

This morning was taken up with band.  We're practicing the Christmas carols to get the children ready for playing out during December. 
It was a wasted afternoon.  I'd planned to get out in the garden but actually fell asleep on the sofa so nothing got done. 
I was supposed to be meeting friends tonight but they've both got bad colds, so have cancelled.  I have to admit that I'm relieved as I'm struggling to stay awake - another early night, I think.  I'll watch Doctor Who and will start on a new book picked from my to-be-read pile, and then up to bed.
Hope you all had a good week.
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