Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 21: Tuesday Ten

Today the Tuesday Ten team have asked us to offer up 10 nuggets of advice to anyone we choose.  Some are general ones but I know who I'm thinking of for a few of them (but have decided to keep the advice anonymous to avoid upsetting people I care about!). 
  1. Dream by all means.  Dream big.  But ... don't forget to enjoy the journey and find pleasure in what you are doing now.  You can't get 'now' back.
  2. Don't try to grow up too fast.  These teenage years are important in forming the adult you will become.
  3. If you have the time to dream, you have the time to get on and do it.  Don't make excuses!
  4. Saving the pennies really does make a difference ... make it a habit.
  5. Smile!
  6. Treasure the little things in life.
  7. Don't allow your head to be full of negative thoughts.
  8. If you don't ask, you'll never know what the answer is!
  9. Start believing in yourself.  If you  don't believe in 'you', why should anyone else?
  10. Don't eat yellow snow!


  1. Yes to your number one piece of advice. Thanks Eileen!

  2. Great advice! I live by number 8. The worst that can happen is that someone says "no!"

  3. All good advice. I like #6 best - "treasure the little things." That's so true. Little things make the biggest memories - and they're definitely worth treasuring. :)

  4. Great advice all around. I'm partial to 6, 7, and 8, but really, number 10 is knowledge everyone needs to hear. :)