Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 26: This Week ...

Sunday 19th October
The morning was tied up with completing Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon, then the rest of the day was spent pottering around doing bits of housework, watching TV and blog reading.
Monday 20th October
Yet another day off work feeling unwell.  I'm getting seriously fed up with this and am hoping it is mostly due to being overtired and that a rest at half term will sort me out.
Tuesday 21st October
I slept in for most of the morning, then had a soak in the bath and got ready for my Tuesday afternoon school; running a lunch time recorder group and teaching the recorder to three classes.  I wasn't feeling 100% but enjoyed the afternoon anyway.  I opted for a quiet evening at home.
Wednesday 22nd October
An early start for my Wednesday morning school, then back home by 11 o'clock and the official start of half term for me.  I was hoping to get out in the garden but it was too wet so spent the afternoon preparing my invoices and completing the supporting paperwork to claim payment for the lessons delivered this term.  Another relaxing evening at home.
Thursday 23rd October
A disappointing start to the day with the Slimming World weigh in; no loss but also no gain - it's so frustrating because I've been stuck at this weight for weeks.  Some good news today though, as I managed to rearrange a new starting date with the decorator (30th Oct), so spent some time moving piles of boxes to empty the room he will be working in.  Finished my letters and submitted my invoices for payment.   Went to see a matinee performance of The Mousetrap at the Theatre Royal in Bath, then another quiet night in, and an early night.
Friday 24th October

I have absolutely no idea what I did today!  I was constantly busy, pottering around the house, but I can't actually say what I achieved - it was one of those sort of days.  I was supposed to be going on a Bizarre Comedy Walk around Bath, but it was cancelled so I stayed at home and finished reading 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry'.  I loved this book, the best one I've read for a long time - very poignant and thought provoking, the sort of book that stays in your mind long after you've finished reading it.

I finished the evening watching TV - the new series of Lewis and then the Graham Norton show - and then started on the next book group choice, 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks', so in the end I didn't get to bed until gone midnight.  So much for my early nights!

Saturday 25th October
Woke up feeling achy so had a long soak in the bath and managed to somehow miss phone calls from family and friends - I must have fallen asleep in the bath. Made a quick trip to town for fresh vegetables and the cash point and then over to Bradford on Avon to a meetups lunch.  There were two no shows, so only a small group of four for lunch which was probably better - sometimes the groups are too big and dissolve into lots of separate conversations.  Anyway, I had a good time and enjoyed their company - I'll see them all again in a couple of weeks because we've all booked our places on a curry night in Frome.  

I fell asleep again when I got home (what is the matter with me!!) and then had a quiet night watching TV - Doctor Who and a repeat of the first Sherlock series.

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  1. Lots of quiet nights in - sounds perfect for this time of year to be honest! Hope you're feeling 100% again soon!

  2. best time of the year to stay in gearing up for may I say it Christmas woop! Sherlock Holmes is great I do like it although missed the last few of the newest series will have to catch up somehow. I am so glad its half term looking forward to no school runs, thanks for linking up to #sundayroundup

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling poorly. I hope you are able to get properly better over the half term. Lots of early nights and lie-ins sound like a good plan (if possible). I would love to know what you think of the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I used to work for Cancer Research UK and I would often visit laboratories that would be holding her cells and using them for research purposes. I know for sure that the research achieved because of her cells has saved thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands of lives. Hugs Mrs H xxxx