Friday, 3 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 3

So, continuing with my update I'll use today's post to catch up on my recent photographic efforts.  I know I said yesterday that I'd write about the BoA Arts Festival but I've changed my mind and have decided to do it this way instead. 

I'll start with part of the festival anyway.  One of the events I went to was a talk by Robin Ravilious about the photographs taken by her late husband, the photographer James Ravilious.  I've been interested in his photographs for years so this being an ideal opportunity to learn more about them, I trotted off to the talk.  It was fascinating to hear her feelings on the photographs and it added another dimension to them as she talked about the people and the places; James Ravilious was commissioned to do this project and in her words, was 'obsessed' , and I was left with the feeling that it, on occasion, had a negative impact on their family life.  I will do a more in depth review of this talk on my other blog as part of my diary for the photography degree. 
To be honest, my own photographic efforts have been very thin on the ground - I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for a while.  I've kept up with my project 365 images of the garden and I've also been out and about collecting the photos needed to complete the Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I managed to get them all within the set dates and now just have to finish my final post with all the photos.  Blogger is being its usual difficult self when I have photo heavy posts so it is taking longer than I'd like to get the images loaded, but hopefully I'll get it finished and published tomorrow.

Apart from those two things there has been very little activity on the photography front lately.  I joined a couple of local groups on Facebook but the trips they've organised so far have either been to places I'm not interested in photographing (ruined building where there is the issue of trespassing and injury - not my sort of thing) or have been at the wrong time/day for me to take part. 

I not too hopeful of the Facebook approach working out so I have made contact with the Bradford on Avon Photography Group and am going to my first monthly meeting with them next week.  They don't have the usual run of competition seen in the other local camera clubs, instead opting for a monthly theme which I think will suit me better.  The theme for November is 'patriotism' so I'm hoping to get some suitable images when I go to London during half term.  It's just a day trip so I can see the Tower of London poppies before they are removed after Remembrance Day.

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on the recent music events I've been to.
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  1. Looking forward to seeing your photos, i was just thinking today I'd love to go and see the poppies, I've bought one in memory of my g grandfather. Enjoy your trip