Friday, 31 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 31: Love The Little Things | 31st October

Here are some of the little things I've loved this week.

Read | I'm still reading 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' by Rebecca Skloot.  It's a book group read and isn't one that I'd have chosen, but have surprised myself by really enjoying it so far.
I've also been doing a lot of blog reading.  As well as the ones I've been following for ages, I've also found a few new ones which share my love of photography and have regular photo memes: Knowing Where To Stand, 52 Photos Project, The Beetle Shack, and PODcast.

Watched | Way too much TV! I've been keeping up with Doctor Who, Lewis and Granchester and started watching the new series, The Missing, starring James Nesbitt. 

Heard | Nothing of any note this week.  I seem to do most of my listening in the car as I'm driving from home to schools so of course that hasn't been happening this week because of half term.

Made | Lots of meals for the freezer using new-to-me Slimming World recipes: cheese and onion pie, lentil and vegetable soup, pea and ham soup, shepherd's pie, chicken casserole, chicken curry and vegetarian chilli. 

Worn | Winter woollies!  The gloves and scarves have been found, washed and left in the downstairs cloakroom.  The summer cardies have been washed and put away and the chunky winter ones are now being worn. 

And Lastly ... It's back to work on Monday and time to get started on the Christmas music, ready for the December performances - apologies to all the parents, but the kids love it!  I'll start off feeling keen but by mid December I know I'll be sick to death of hearing 'Jingle Bells' played enthusiastically, but not necessarily musically, by hyper 8 to 11 year olds, and I'll be thinking 'never again' ... until this time next year! 
Sorry for the lack of photos - I only found this blog hop today and haven't any suitable photos to include.  I'll try to do better next week!


  1. Welcome to Little Loves :-) I need to have a clear out of my freezer and get it stocked up with healthy meals. Going to try and be good between now and Christmas (although I'm off to a party this evening!) and I think the key is being prepared. Hope you have a great week x

  2. Lovely round up, thanks so much for joining in with Little Loves, I really enjoy finding blogs I haven't come across before. There's been a lot of good TV recently hasn't there? The Missing was really good, even though my heart was in my mouth while watching it! x